The top pet trackers and gadgets

New and exciting gadgets are everywhere, but they’re not just for humans to enjoy. We run through the top tech on the market for pets, from GPS trackers for dogs to pretend prey for cats

Once upon a time, we showed our love for our dogs and cats with affection, treats and playtime.

Dogs got biscuits, hugs and walkies, cats got catnip, strokes and string. In these tech-heavy times, however, it’s not just humans who are going digital.

We’ve found the most exciting pet tech out there, from dog or cat trackers to webcam treat dispensers.

Pod 3

Approximately 60 dogs and cats go missing in the UK every hour. And while microchipping is now a legal requirement for dog owners, you’re still left sitting at home waiting for them to be handed in.

And when your best furry friend is missing, that can seem a long wait. The Pod 3 pet tracker changes all that. Once attached to your pet’s collar, it allows you to track their location at all times via the iOS or Android app. You can also set up a safe zone perimeter and you’ll get an alert if your pet strays beyond this.

It comes with two batteries, so you can swap them out while charging, and you get up to five days off a single charge. We think it’s one of the best dog or cat GPS trackers on the market.


We’ve got any number of apps and devices to help us keep track of our activity and stay in shape, but what about our pets?

How can we be sure that they’re getting enough exercise and not turning into slovenly lumps when we’re not watching?

That’s where PitPat comes in. It’s a small device that attaches to your pet’s collar and sends their activity info to your smartphone via its own app, available on iOS or Android.

It’s an invaluable tool for owners whose dogs are trying to lose weight as you can use the app to set exercise and calorie-burning goals.


While some lucky people get to bring their dog to work with them, a lot of us are forced to say goodbye in the morning and leave them to their own devices for the day. If this leads to you staring forlornly out the window, wondering if your beloved is missing you terribly or eating your shoes in a violent display of emotion, then Petzi is for you.

It’s essentially a dog treat dispenser and video monitor that means you can watch a live feed of your dog, take pictures of them, speak to them and dispense a treat. Keep your eyes peeled for PetChatz, which has a screen so that your dog can see you too. It’s currently only available in the US and Canada but is rumoured to be heading our way soon.


SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

If you’ve more than one pet, you probably know the struggles of trying to stop them eating each other’s food. We know of one dog who used to urinate in his food to stop other dogs taking it, only to render it inedible for himself too. The SureFeed Pet Feeder is pretty ingenious as a solution to this problem.

The feeder is programmed to your pet’s microchip so that the lid will only open for that animal and no other. It’s not only a solution for greedy food thieves, it also works brilliantly if one animal needs special food or medication, or if you have particularly daring foxes.


Games consoles for dogs may seem like a step too far but CleverPet is a stroke of genius. It’s an automatic feeder with a difference, in that the dog gets the treat when it touches the right pad on the front of the machine. To begin with, they just need to learn to touch any of the pads, then the correct pad when it lights up, then it gets more complicated.

All of this means your dog is stimulated and rewarded while you’re away, leading to less destructive boredom. You can even track their progress with the accompanying app.


Shru is perfect if you want to hone your cat’s hunter-killer instincts without having to clean up and dispose of the dead mice and birds afterwards.

The device moves and makes sounds like a small animal, enticing your cat to chase and pounce on it. Turn it on before you leave the house in the morning and the Shru will turn on automatically throughout the day, keeping your cat thoroughly entertained.

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