Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Lady on telephone about broken window.
Home insurance

Home emergency cover

A MORE THAN authorised tradesperson arrived within 4 hours when customers used our 24-hour home emergency helpline in 81% of cases.

Lady on telephone about broken window.

Based on a total of 2,488 claims. MORE THAN data from March 2023 to August 2023.

What is home emergency cover?

It can help you find the right tradesperson to fix a sudden problem in your home, such as burst pipes or boiler breakdowns. You'll be able to use our 24-hour helpline for help when you need it most. This also includes associated call-out costs.

Our Extra cover includes up to £1,000 per home emergency claim as standard. You can add this cover to Essentials and Standard policies.

What's considered a home emergency?

A home emergency is an event that makes your home unsafe or causes damage to your home or contents. It may also result in your home losing its main source of heating, lighting or water. Events that may lead to a home emergency include burst pipes, broken doors and windows, roof damage, blocked drains or a power failure.

Why choose our home emergency insurance?

You'll get up to £1,000 cover, plus access to:

24-hour helpline

Our specialist team will be on hand to provide 24-hour emergency support when you need it.

Trusted tradespeople

Get access to MORE THAN authorised tradespeople for extra peace of mind.

Boiler repairs

Up to £500 towards the cost of a new boiler if it breaks and can’t be repaired or it’s too expensive to fix.

What does home emergency insurance cover?

Small detached house.
  • Burst pipes 
  • Broken doors and windows 
  • Roof damage
  • Power failure
  • Blocked drain or toilet
  • Pest infestations
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Overnight accommodation if your home cannot be lived in. Cover limits apply

What's not covered by home emergency insurance?

  • Non-emergency repairs. This means if your house is safe to live in and repairs can wait a day or more
  • Boiler servicing or issues caused by a lack of care or servicing
  • Wear and tear or general maintenance repairs, like a dripping tap 
  • If you have two toilets in your house and one is blocked. As you still have access to a toilet, this isn't considered a plumbing or drainage emergency
  • Problems in unoccupied properties. This applies if your property has been vacant for more than 60 days in a row

Does emergency cover include boiler breakdown?

Yes, we'll cover your boiler if it's under 15 years old or has an output of less than 60kW.

We'll pay up to £500 towards the cost of a new boiler if:

  • Your current boiler breaks and can't be repaired
  • Fixing it costs more than a new boiler of similar make and model, including insulation

Your boiler must be serviced annually with a registered tradesperson.

Get your home emergency cover

Our Extra cover includes up to £1,000 per home emergency claim as standard. You can also add it with our Essentials and Standard cover. If you're an existing customer, please contact us to upgrade your cover.

Home emergency cover booklet

Learn more about our home emergency cover in our booklet. Please note that this booklet refers to policies taken out before 2 October 2023.