Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Broken television and pot plant fallen over.
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Accidental damage insurance

Our accidental damage insurance can help cover against unexpected mishaps at home.

Broken television and pot plant fallen over.

What is accidental damage insurance?

This covers your buildings, contents or both against unintentional damage at home. Examples of what's covered by accidental damage include spilling wine on your carpet or smashing your TV.

It's not the same as home emergency cover, which is when you need urgent repairs to make your home safe.

You'll get accidental damage as standard with our Extra cover. If you choose Essentials or Standard, you can add accidental damage cover.

Why choose our accidental damage insurance?

We'll cover you for things like:

TVs, phones and laptops

If your gadgets get damaged in your home by accident, we’ll cover the cost to repair or replace them. For cover outside of your home, our personal possessions cover may be more suitable.

Children and pets

Children and pets have accidents too. This is why we cover accidental damage caused by them. Damage to glass and ceramic hobs is included.

Soft furnishings

Food and drink can spill on your carpets and furniture, so having extra peace of mind might be a good idea.

What does accidental damage insurance cover?

Boy behind chair.
  • Electronic devices including mobiles - if you drop your mobile or laptop and the screen smashes
  • Soft furnishing - includes spills on your soft furnishings, carpets and furniture
  • Mirrors and glass - breakages to mirrors and glass in your home, like a glass coffee table
  • Buildings cover- the structure of your home including kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • Windows and doors - breaking a windowpane of glass
  • Accidental damage by children - damage caused by children knocking over household items
  • Accidental damage by pets - damage caused by pets chewing, tearing or scratching

What's not covered by accidental damage insurance?

  • Home emergencies that need immediate attention, including loss of heating
  • Wear and tear of your belongings. such as frayed cushions or fading of curtain fabric from the sun
  • Causing deliberate damage to your home. Like spilling paint over your carpet to get a new one
  • Breakage or damage while your home has been left unoccupied or unfurnished for more than 60 days in a row
  • Clothing, contact lenses and deterioration of food

See our home insurance policy wording for full exclusions.

Get your accidental damage cover

This comes as standard if you choose Extra cover. Otherwise, you'll need to add accidental damage cover when purchasing our home insurance. If you're an existing customer with us, please contact us.