Why choose our pet cover?

Four cover levels to suit your pet with the following benefits as standard:
Cover more than one pet on a policy

Cover up to three pets on one policy when you buy online, or more if you call.  If you'd like your pets to be on different cover levels, call us on 0330 100 7824 - quote PETNET.

24/7 pet health advice from vetfone

If you have a question about your pet's diet or if they're feeling unwell and you’re unsure what to do, you can call vetfone, our freephone veterinary advice service, any time of the day or night.

10% discount for each additional pet

You need to insure on the same policy. Plus a 25% online discount for new customers only (all discounts applied one after the other, starting with your online discount).

Price rises at renewal and excess changes when your pet turns 9.  A claim being paid can also cause your renewal price to significantly increase.

It's easy to make a claim

Ask your vet to help you complete your claim form and email it back to us. If your vet agrees, we can pay them directly. 

On average 93% of all claims are paid, and we pay your vet direct.  

Subject to your vet's agreement. Policy excesses apply. MORE THAN claims September 18 – August 19. Please note there can always be a risk in sending personal information via email.

We provide the cover you need

We offer a choice of cover types so you can find one to suit your pet. With no animal NHS, you'll want to cover the health of your furry four-legged friend, as pets grow older they are more likely to get ill, and this means prices increase at renewal and prices can increase significantly when a claim is paid. Your excess increases when your pet turns 9.

What does our pet insurance cover?

Compare our four levels of cover to find the best policy for your pet:

Your price will increase at renewal, because as your pet gets older they're more likely to get ill. A claim being paid can also cause your renewal price to increase significantly. Your excess will increase when your pet turns 9.

Need cat or dog insurance?

Choose a cover option below to learn more:

What is pet insurance?

Why do I need it?

Our dogs and cats aren’t just pets; they’re members of the family. That’s why it’s important to have the cover in place to help them, should the unexpected happen. From accidents to serious illnesses, our pet insurance is there to help with your pet's recovery and make paying for vet treatment in an emotional and stressful situation, that much easier.

How much does pet insurance cost?


The cost of pet insurance can vary depending on factors such as the breed or age of your pet, so to get an accurate price for your dog or cat, spend a few minutes filling out a quick online quote.

Pet insurance is much like health insurance for people. As you get older you can expect to pay more for your health insurance. The same applies to pet insurance. The older your pet, or the more existing conditions they have, the higher the monthly or annual cost will be as the likelihood of treatment increases. New developments in diagnosis and treatments have meant that vets can give them even better care, which is great news for your family pet but means an increase in vet costs. Your price will increase at renewal, because of this likelihood. A claim being paid can also cause your renewal price to increase significantly. Your excess will increase when your pet turns 9. It's important to make sure you've got the right amount of cover for your pet, which is why we have four different cover levels to choose from, not to mention optional add ons, so you can select the level of cover that suits your pet's individual needs.

Choose from our additional cover options,

so your pet insurance policy meets your needs:

Lost and Found cover

Worried about your pet going missing? Add our Lost and Found cover to Accident Only or Basic level pet insurance policies (Classic and Premier include it as standard) and if your pet does go wandering, you can claim towards the cost of advertising or offering a reward for their safe return.

Pets Abroad cover

Travelling abroad with your pet? No worries. We cover your dog or cat for healthcare and emergency expenses within certain European countries, giving you peace of mind if you’re taking your fur family on holiday (excludes Accident Only cover and is optional for Basic cover). Conditions and exclusions apply.

Rewards that reduce your renewal

Purchase pet insurance today and you could join our exciting loyalty programme MORE THAN REWARDS.

Earn cash rewards on everyday spending with brands you love - there’s no limit to how much you could save to help pay for your next renewal!

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