What is bicycle insurance?


Bicycle or pedal cycle insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your bike if stolen or damaged outside the home.

Depending on your needs, our home contents covers your bikes in the home and when stored securely in sheds or garages. If you choose our upgraded home contents cover your bike will also be covered against theft and vandalism in your garden, but won't be covered away from your home you will need our pedal cycle (bicycle) add-on cover.



What does bicycle insurance cover

Your bikes are often at risk of being stolen when out and about. For added peace of mind you can insure your family’s bikes against loss or damage up to £2,500 per bicycle in the UK and up to 60 days worldwide (excludes bikes with motors).

Excess is £25.

What's not included:

  • Everyday wear of your bike, such as thinning of tyres
  • Competitive racing
  • If you don't lock up your bike securely

See our home insurance policy wording for full exclusions.

Keeping your bicycle safe

Here are some top tips on how to keep your bike safe:

1. Make detailed notes and take photographs of your bike, including the make, model, colour and any distinguishing features

2. Mark it, this helps the police identify your bike as yours

3. Keep it locked, using a good quality lock

4. When out and about, lock both wheels and the frame of your bicycle to the bike stand when not in use

5. Keep your bike in a garage, locked shed or somewhere secure at home, using an immovable device, like a ground anchor

6. Never leave your bike alone and unsecured, even ‘just for a minute’.

Frequently asked questions

Still got a question, here's a list of our customers' most asked questions.

How do I work out the value of my bike?

You need to work out the value of your bike to replace it as new. Looking at bicycle websites can help you find the value of your bike.

We cover the value of your bike up to £2,500. If your bike is more expensive call us for a quote. If we choose to replace your bike if very badly damaged or stolen, we will replace your bike with the same or similar make and model.


What counts as in the home or outside it?

The home is classed as your house as well as your garage and outbuildings that are all used for domestic use.

The limits for items stolen from your home and garage or outbuilding are different; check your home insurance policy wording for more information.


Are bicycle accessories such as lights and helmets covered?

Bicycle insurance will cover lights but not helmets. We only cover items actually fixed to your bike. To cover helmets and other cycling accessories you will need our personal possessions add-on cover


Is my bicycle insured if someone else rides it?

Only family members in your household can ride your bikes, which are insured with us. We do ask that your bicycle must be locked to an immovable object to be covered for loss or theft when away from your home.


Do I need special insurance for an electric bicycle?

Electric cycles are not covered as standard on our Bicycle cover.

Cover can be provided on our policy subject to terms and an additional premium.

 You will have to call us to add this to your home insurance policy.


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