How to make a claim

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Not sure if your pet needs to see a vet?

If you're worried about your pet day or night and you’re unsure what to do, you can call vetfone, our freephone veterinary advice service open 24 hours a day. Our team of qualified veterinary nurses are happy to discuss any health problems and provide advice before you visit your vet.

Save the number to your phone, as you never know when you might need it.



It's easy to make a claim.

We've made our claims process easy so that you can concentrate on getting your pet back on its paws.
First of all

Download the Pet Insurance Claim Form and gather up your vet's bills and pet's medical notes as you'll need to send us copies. You can edit the details electronically within the PDF, save to your desktop and print.

What happens next

Fill in the claims form with a little help from your vet. If you think we need to know about it then make sure you mention it.

Submit your claim

Scan your form, your pet's medical notes and vet's bills, and email it to

We'll be in touch

If you've given us your mobile number or email, we'll let you know when we've started work on your claim. If your vet agrees, we can pay them directly.

We do more to process your claim.

On average 94% of all claims are paid, and we can pay your vet direct. Subject to your vet’s agreement, excess applies. MORE TH>N claims Sept 16 – Sept 17
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My pet needs to be treated by another vet

If your pet needs to be referred to another vet, your normal vet will help you choose one from our referral vet network

You can rest assured that clinicians at these practices are accredited in their chosen discipline by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons or European and American Boards.

If you need further advice about which referral vet to use, please call our Vet Referral Helpline on 0330 100 6445 before you make the appointment.

We're here to help

If you have any queries about your policy or want to check the progress of your claim, call our UK-based team on 0330 100 7801 - calls may be recorded and monitored.

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