What type of claim are you making?

Here's how the process will work:
Repeat medication & ongoing treatment claims

Repeat medication & ongoing treatment claims

We’ve made pet claims even easier with our online journey!

1. Simply complete our fast-track online form to claim back your pet’s medication and treatment costs.

2. Upload your vet bills and confirm the details.

3. Submit online – it’s as simple as that!


See it in action in the video below...


How to make repeat medication and ongoing treatment claims

Vet fee claims

New medication and treatment claims

Please download the pet insurance claim form and complete the steps below:

1. Gather up your vet bills and pet's medical notes as you'll need to send us copies.

2. Complete the form - you can enter your details on the PDF online and save it to your computer, or print it if you prefer.

3. To process your claim quickly we will need some details from your vet on the second section of the form. If you've completed this online you can email it to them to complete.

4. Make sure you’ve completed all information - if you think we need to know about it then you should mention it.

5. Scan your form, your pet's medical notes and vet's bills, and email it to petclaims@morethan.com.

Other claims

Other claims

For claims that don't include vet treatment, for example accidental damage, emergency boarding or lost and found cover, please email our friendly claims team at petclaims@morethan.com providing full details of what happened including copies of any invoices and any other supporting evidence. Full details of what evidence will be required can be found in your policy wording.

What happens next?

What happens next?

We aim to process most claims within a week, but please be aware that it may take longer if we require further information from you or your vet.


Track your claim

We have created a new online claims tracking service – you can track the progress of your claim here, as well as viewing any previous claims that you’ve made with us in the past.

Ready to make a claim?

No matter the type of claim you're making, you can start or track the progress of a claim here:
MORE TH>N vetfone

Need advice from an expert?

We know how worrying it can be if your pet becomes unwell. That's why advice and reassurance is just a phone call away, thanks to vetfone, our freephone veterinary advice service, open 24/7.

Call 0800 072 8190 and speak to  a qualified RCVS veterinary nurse who will discuss any health problems your pet may have with you, plus provide advice before you visit your vet.

If your call is at the weekend or late at night, they can direct you to the nearest out of hours veterinary clinic for emergency assistance, offering you peace of mind if the unexpected happens.

Vet referral network

My pet needs to see another vet

If your vet needs to send your pet to see a different vet, they will help you choose one from our referral vet network. By using vets from our network you will avoid paying any additional excess costs.

There's no need to worry; the clinicians at these practices are accredited in their chosen discipline by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons or European and American Boards. Your pet will be in good hands.

If you need further advice about which referral vet to use, please call our Vet Referral Helpline on 0330 100 6445 before you make the appointment.

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