How to calm your dog on bonfire night

It's the least favourite time of the year for cats and dogs as bonfires blaze and a flurry of fireworks are blasted into the skies. Follow our tips or use our handy video to help your dog deal with fireworks without becoming overly anxious and distressed.

Top tips for calming your cat or dog on Bonfire Night

1. Take your dog outside during the day and exercise them so they are tired. As with humans, physical exercise induces endorphin release, which among other things has a potent anti-anxiety effect.

2. About an hour before expected fireworks give your dog or cat a medium-sized normal meal. Feeling full will produce a natural anti-anxiety effect.

3. Move your pet to the area of the house in which you believe they feel most at home.

4. Close all windows, doors and curtains and turn on the lights to reduce the impact and awareness of light flashes outside.

5. Put on some background music at a moderate volume – preferably music with a constant and distracting bass or beat. You are aiming to reduce the startling impact of crashes, bangs and whistles from outside.

6. If your pet is awake and active, try to distract them with gentle, calm play.


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