Play more with our Dog Days Out activities

We believe it’s important for your dog to be happy and healthy, so we’ve worked with our in-house vet to create 10 fun Dog Days Out activities for you to play together.

As well as being enjoyable, they will help develop your dog’s sense of smell, improve their muscular strength, help fight against pet obesity and build their bond with you.


1. Race across a field

Running in the fresh air is the ultimate expression of freedom for your dog, so why not challenge him to race you across a field?

Running is a great way to burn off excess energy and fat. Don’t forget to bring fresh water!

2. Scamper around the riverbank

We’re pretty sure that if dogs could, they would shout ‘woohoo!’ while doing this activity! One minute’s swimming is equivalent to about four minutes of running so this activity is perfect for dogs that are full of energy.

Always make sure that the water is clean, obstacle-free and not too deep. Your dog should be comfortable with water and a good swimmer before trying this activity. Don’t forget to bring a towel to dry them off!

3. Survey your land from a castle

Dogs love to find new territory to explore. So why not take them back in time to a historic castle where they can conquer new land.

Take them up to the battlements to enjoy the fresh air and survey their manor.

4. Hurdle across logs

The trees and streams of woods can be used as a natural agility course for your dog to hurdle over. Or you can create your own course in your garden.

Place one or two rolled-up blankets on the ground (take into account the size of your dog). Walk your dog around the course and have him jump over the blankets a couple of times. Once he gets the hang of it, encourage him complete the route on his own. Reward him with dry treats.

5. Splash at the seaside

Ah, the beach… Where a dog can run, swim, bark and dig in the sand. Encourage your dog to go for a swim by throwing a floating toy in the sea.

Make sure dogs are allowed on the beach first, and always check for signs or warning flags that it’s safe to swim. Don’t forget to pack fresh water with you: salt makes us all thirsty!

6. Play hide and seek

Canine hide and seek stimulates a dog’s natural instinct to track scents. The great thing about this game is that your dog always gets to win – a little bonus like a dry treat might get him even more excited to play!

So now, go and hide behind a tree and see how long he takes to sniff you out.

7. Paddle at a pool party

Dogs are social animals. So if it’s a warm day why not get a paddling pool and invite all your dog’s pals to a pool party?

This activity encourages your dog to interact with other dogs and is great for developing their social abilities.

It’s important to learn how your pet reacts to other dogs so you can remain in control, and remember they may behave differently off-lead.

8. Scale the peak of a mountain

Exploring the hillside and mountains can be fun for both you and your dog! Discovering new horizons and smells is a unique experience for your dog.

Hiking is for all fitness levels – you can exercise at your own pace while filling your lungs with fresh air. You’ll both feel an amazing sense of achievement.

9. Sniff out new scents

Your dog discovers a lot of things through his nose. The ability to detect scents varies between breeds but sniffing around is always something a dog enjoys. Encourage your dog to sniff new plants and trees in the woods but always be alert.

Don’t let your dog eat anything they find, and be aware of poisonous plants. Read more about pet safe and poisonous plants.

10. Camp under the stars

Camping means getting back to the simple life and your dog will be happy to sleep under the stars with you after a full day of activities.

Don’t forget to bring equipment for your dog as well: a nice dinner and a bed or blanket should help make this night a memorable one.

Extra tip: snuggle up to keep each other warm!

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