Christmas presents for your pets

Whether it’s a personalised bed or a fashionable festive sweater, pick out the perfect present for that special furry someone in your life with our guide to the best Christmas gifts for cats, dogs and more…

Christmas is the time of giving. It’s the time of year when we put all our brain power and effort into buying presents for our loved ones that they will open with wide-eyed wonder, like smelly candles and celebrity autobiographies. But our dogs and cats don’t want or need candles or books so what can we get them? Never fear, our elves have put their heads together and come up with some great Christmas presents for cats and dogs that they’re sure to love.

A Christmas collar

Whether you want your pet to be Christmas formal, Christmas casual or to match the rest of your decorations, the right Christmas cat or dog collar is out there. There are fancy handmade options, complete with rhinestones to channel your dog’s inner Glen Campbell, or festive bow ties. Our personal favourites are Chelsea Dogs’ range of Christmas dog collars that manage to be both very cute and very smart at the same time. Of course, the collar doesn’t have to be all snowmen and reindeer, especially if it’s for year-round wear. For cats, these geo print collars are incredibly stylish and come with an elastic safety strap in case it gets snagged on a branch while climbing trees.

A new bed
Pet beds have come a long way. They used to be a plastic oval with a blanket inside, but the choices available now are mind-boggling. If your pet’s bed has got a bit tired, smelly or tatty, Christmas is the best time to reward them with something new and luxurious to rest on. If you’re looking for something practical, we’re big fans of this machine-washable donut bed from Mutts and Hounds. But Christmas is the time for indulgence, so why not go all out and buy your dog their own sofa? And not forgetting our feline friends, this Covo cat bed is so stylishly minimal, it’s practically Scandinavian.

A new bowl

Just like beds, dog bowls have had something of an upgrade. You can go for something simple and classy, like this Trouva hand-painted dog bowl or you can get something ultra-modern, like the Sure Flap microchip pet feeder. The bowl responds to your dog or cat’s microchip and will only open for them, making sure that no other animal can get at their food.

A pet-friendly advent calendar

Seeing as the chocolate in our own advent calendars is a big no-no for our pet friends, it’s only fair that someone has created one that they can enjoy over the days leading up to Christmas. Lily’s Kitchen are purveyors of quality, nutritious dog and cat food and have crafted this cute calendar that is filled with treats that are both tasty and healthy. Kitties can also get in on the Christmas action, with their own cat advent calendar.

Stocking fillers
Smellies at Christmas are something of a cliché, but Aesop is a different story altogether. The Australian brand makes seriously amazing smelling products in seriously cool packaging and they’ve even got a shower gel for dogs. And if you want them to work up a sweat before their bath, try the Houndworthy wood chuck toy, a pleasingly retro ball thrower that not only looks very cool, but throws far too.

A new home
Of course, it’s still Christmas, even if you’re not a dog or a cat, so we couldn’t miss out our smaller friends. We love these Rotastak hamster cages and their inventive twists on the standard bit of plastic and bars. Your hamster can become a space explorer or a princess with their very own twisty, turny home full of amusements. Although, this creepy castle one is probably more suited to Halloween, if you’re the kind of person who buys their hamster Halloween presents.


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