Play more with our cat days in activities

We believe it’s important for your cat to be happy and healthy, so we’ve worked with our in-house vet to create 10 fun activities for you to play together.


As well as being enjoyable, they will help develop his agility, fight against feline obesity and create a special bond with you.

With 10 ideas for starters, which Cat Day In will you share with your cat?

1. Explore an indoor jungle

The life of an indoor cat can seem enviable, but cats can suffer from boredom and lack of excitement. Why not build your cat a world to explore?

Move your indoor plants to create a mini cat jungle. Check if the plants in your house are safe for your cat.

2. Claw at the towel monster

Towels are great for winding around the floor for your cat to chase, pounce and get their claws into. They can sneak under an old towel and wrestle with it too, instead of one of your clothes, rugs or curtains.

This kind of game helps in decreasing boredom and can also help your cat to claw. Clawing removes the outer husk of the claw, which is necessary for keeping a cat's paws clean.

3. Climb in some boxes

Cats love inspecting boxes and are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Place a range of cardboard boxes in the middle of the floor and hide some treats inside and watch them explore.

Make sure you pay attention to your companion; cats sometimes chew cardboard and may try to eat it!

4. Conquer a mountain

Encourage your cat to climb their scratching post and watch them dominate the room from the height of their new castle.

Reward your cat with treats when they succeed in reaching the peak.

Please take into account the age and health condition of your cat when doing this activity.

5. Chase a ball of wool

Playing with a ball is a common activity for cats, especially kittens.

Push the ball of wool in different directions to grab your cat’s interest, and don’t forget to let your them win and catch the ball from time to time – even cats can be a bad sport!

Make sure your cat is kept away from sewing kits as they could swallow small, items. Also, check your cat doesn’t chew or eat the wool.

6. Pounce on some shadows

Catching a beam of light or chasing your shadow is a game based on agility. It’s also great for training your cat’s ability to focus.

If you’re playing with a torch, be careful not to point it in your cat’s eyes.

Remember to let your cat catch the beam so they don't get fed up with the game!

7. Bounce on a bed

It’s no secret that a cat always lands on its feet.

Gently encourage your cat to jump on a bouncy surface by wiggling his favourite toy.

Watch your cat try to catch it while burning off extra energy.

8. Swipe a flying feather

Cats can’t help but swipe at things dangling above them.

You can make your own by tying a cat toy to a stick or clothes hanger.

Wave it above your cat's head or drag along the ground to improve their eye to paw co-ordination.

9. Burst some bubbles

Bubbles, or even better, catnip bubbles, will delight your cat. Watch them trying to catch those floating balls and don’t forget to grab your camera for a magical photo shoot!

Be careful to always use non-toxic and pet friendly products because the bubbles may pop in their mouths, or on their fur which they’ll lick.

Your local pet shop is the best place to get them.

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