Cats and dogs take centre stage at Bark in the Park

Forget the prancing and preening of dog and cat shows – Bark in the Park was the first ever event that pets begged to be a part of.

For all the pampered, preened and perfect pets paraded in traditional pet shows, our show celebrated quite the opposite.

There was no prancing or paperwork, grooming or treat resisting - and certainly no sitting still, as you can see in our video above.

Instead, the animals were rewarded for doing what they love: digging flowerbeds, catching frisbees, begging for food and scratching furniture. 

Danielle Stooke, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at MORE TH>N said: “At MORE TH>N we’re keen to promote the importance of responsible pet ownership as we believe that happy pets are healthy pets. To date, all of our content and activations have carried this spirit, featuring cats and dogs doing what they love and what makes them happy.

"Events like Bark in the Park are all about celebrating what makes cats and dogs so special and encouraging people to spend more quality time with their pets for their mental and physical wellbeing. And it’s great fun too!”

The event, which took place at the South of England Showground on 27th October 2016, was hosted by sports pundit Jim Rosenthal along with a special guest appearance from Trip Hazard, the dancing dog of Britain’s Got Talent fame.

Though the show was free, all donations made went to the RSPCA.

You can also check out some of the highlights in our gallery below.

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