All you need to know about rehoming a dog

We're passionate about helping to rehome animals, in fact we've helped to insure over 12,000 pets owned by RSPCA supporters since our partnership with them began in 2013. If you're considering rehoming, we've pulled together all you need to know just in time for RSPCA week, which runs from 14-22 June.

We all love a happy ending. But before you take a rescue dog into your home there's a few points you should consider:


Getting a dog established into a new home takes time, love and patience from all members of the household. Ensure you are fully committed to making sure your new dog settles in easily.



Like humans, dogs need regular exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy. Larger dogs in particular will need space for exercise and long walks. Ensure you have the energy and time to maintain an exercise routine for your new pet.



Dogs need companionship and care each and every day so if you're away from home for long periods during the day a dog may not be the pet for you.



You will need to be prepared for the cost of food, vet bills and equipment for the life of your new pet, so ensure you budget for this when considering rehoming.



Having a dog comes with responsibilities, such as clearing up after your pup on walks and keeping your dog on a lead when necessary.


How rehoming works

Once you have decided to rehome a dog, here's what will happen:


- In the first instance you should get in touch with your local RSPCA branch or animal rescue centre to arrange a visit and express your interest in rehoming.
- The branch or rescue centre will help you fill in the right forms and give you the information you need to get started.
- You will then be matched with the right dog for your needs and lifestyle and have the opportunity to meet and reserve him or her.
- The centre staff will visit your home to make sure it’s suitable for your new companion, then after a few checks and some paperwork you can usually take your new dog home.
- They will usually arrange another home visit a few weeks later, just to make sure you’re getting on together and your new family member has settled in.

Success story

We love the story of Dolly and Louis, who were rehomed together through the RSPCA Centre in Brighton, you can read all about their happy ending here.



We offer six weeks free insurance when you rehome a dog or cat through the RSPCA, providing peace of mind while your dog gets used to their new environment.


(Edited 25/10/17, first published on 13/06/14)

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