Policies & cover

What's included and not included in our landlord insurance.

Can I view the landlord policy wording online?

If you cannot find your policy wording you can view it here.

What is an excess?

Find out more about what an excess is.

What is a Defaqto star rating?

A Defaqto Star Rating lets you know the quality of your financial product, from an independent source.

What does residential landlord insurance actually cover?

More about what's covered under your policy.

The building I wish to insure is partly constructed of a different material to those listed on your quote options. Can you still provide me with Landlord Insurance?

In this instance you may need to get your insurance quote over the phone.

Does your Landlord Insurance cover more than one property?

Yes you can add more properties to your policy.

Are my tenant's possessions covered?

No, we do not provide cover for your tenant's possessions.

Am I entitled to legal advice with my policy?

All of our landlord customers have access to 24 hour legal advice, find out more here.