What is the SM>RT WHEELS Box?

What a SM>RT WHEELS Box is, and how it works. 

When and how is the SM>RT WHEELS Box fitted?

Information about when we will fit your black box and how long it takes. 

What are Top up miles and why do I need them?

Your SM>RT WHEELS mileage for the year and how to extend it.

How is my Driving Style Score calculated?

Find out how we score your driving. 

What is measured with my Driving Style Score?

What the SM>RT WHEELS Box - our telematics (black box) - Car Insurance - measures when you're driving.

How high can I score with my Driving Style Score?

How the SM>RT WHEELS scoring system works. 

What if my Driving Style Score is really bad?

What to do should you get a negative SM>RT WHEELS driving style score.

What do I get if my Driving Style Score is good?

Here's when and how you'll get a cash reward for a positive SM>RT WHEELS Driving Style Score.

Who can see my Driving Style information?

Who can access your driving score information.  

How will you use and protect my MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS data?

What we will and will not use your data for.

How can I make changes to or cancel my MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS policy?

How to make changes to your SM>RT WHEELS policy including what changes you MuST tell us about. 

How do I get rewards for a good driving style score?

How to get your rewards and information about the SM>RT WHEELS pre-paid debit card. 

How does the black box measure my driving style?

When the black box starts recording and what it's measuring. 

Can I use the car straight away?

You can use your car as soon as the policy has started. 

My son or daughter doesn't have a licence yet, can they still get a MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS policy?

If your child has just passed their test we can accept a pass test certificate when validating their details. 

How quickly do you fit the black box?

The box fitting process is really straightforward. Once your policy starts we need to fit the telematics box within the first 14 days of cover. 

Where will you send my documents to?

We will email your insurance documents to you. 

Will you make an allowance for my driving if I've only just passed my test?

Our policy will take your level of driving experience into account. 

Are there any curfews?

Your driving style score may be affected by the time of day you use the car. 

Does my SM>RT WHEELS policy include legal services?

You will need to select legal services when you purchase your policy. 

How can I access my online dashboard?

You'll be able to access your personal dashboard online or on our app.

Do I have to be at home when my black box is fitted?

Someone does need to be home when your black box is fitted.

I have a question specific to my policy, how do I contact you?

Please contact us on 0345 072 4422.

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