Find out how our young driver insurance works.

We'll install a telematics black box on your car that monitors your driving style, and you’ll get rewarded for driving safely.

We'll fit a black box to your car

Once you've got your car insurance, you have to fit a black box in your car within 14 days of buying your policy, if not your insurance policy will be cancelled.

A black box helps your driving score; giving useful tips to help improve your driving and rewards you too!

Just arrange a time when the black box can be fitted: it only takes about an hour. 

Not your car? Please get the owner's permission before we fit the black box.

How does the black box work?

The black box will be fitted out of sight in your car. It will record information such as your speed, how smoothly you brake, time of day you drive, how often you use your car and how long you drive without taking a break. Your score unlocks rewards and discounts depending on how you drive and is used to calculate your renewal discount when your policy comes to an end. It is easy to keep track of your score using your app and online dashboard.

Find out more about how the black box measures your driving style.

No fines or premium increases

We won't fine you or increase your premium in the first year of your policy based on your Driving Style Score. However, if the black box identifies examples of poor driving, such as excessive speeding on multiple occasions or an unacceptable driving event, your policy may be cancelled.

No curfews or mileage limits

You’ll be able to drive when you want without risk of a fine but remember to think carefully about the journeys you make. A good Usage Score decreases your potential chance of being in an accident and to get a good score, you need to consider the time of day you drive, length of journey and number of journeys made within a 24 hour period.

We’ll track the number of miles you drive using your SMART WHEELS box, so consider how far you’ll be travelling over the year because top up miles cost extra. If you find that you do need to buy more miles, the better your driving style score, the cheaper they will be.

Manage my dashboard

Check your driving score and rewards earned

Make a claim

Make or track a claim

The higher your driving style score, the more you’ll be rewarded.

Your score is here to help you keep track of your driving. If you get a great score, you’ll unlock rewards.

How to get a good driving style score


All you have to do is stick to the speed limit, brake smoothly and think carefully about when, and how often, you use your car. Drivers who check their dashboards regularly tend to get better scores, which means bigger rewards.


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