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Find out how black box insurance can work for you to help you drive safely and earn rewards.  
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Why choose our young driver insurance?

We'll reward you for driving safely
No fines or premium increases

We won't fine you or increase your premium in the first year of your policy based on your driving style score. However, if the black box identifies examples of poor driving, such as excessive speeding on multiple occasions or an unacceptable driving event, your policy may be cancelled.


No curfews or mileage limits

You’ll be able to drive when you want without risk of a fine but remember to think carefully. A good usage score indicates that you're being a safer driver. To get a good score you need to consider the time of day you drive, length of journey and number of journeys made within a 24 hour period.


Online dashboard and app

SMART WHEELS black box insurance allows you to monitor and adjust your driving, earning rewards to spend on the high street on a pre-paid card.


We reward you for safe driving

Your driving score could earn you a discount on your car insurance renewal when your policy comes to an end. By accessing your score via the online dashboard and app you can use the smart device to help you become a smarter and safer driver. 

Join our smart young drivers earning rewards

The smart way to fast-forward your driving style

What is young driver insurance?

SMART WHEELS Young driver’s insurance (also called black box insurance) is purpose built to help 17-24 year olds get more affordable car insurance.

When you join SMART WHEELS you join a team of young drivers who are earning rewards while enjoying safer and better motoring.  

Once your black box is professionally fitted to your car, you’ll get a driving score that you can check using the online dashboard and app.

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The better you drive, the more you earn

Not everybody needs to improve their driving, but if they do, we’re on hand to provide tips. As your score improves, you'll earn rewards to spend on a pre-paid card. 

At the end of your policy a good driving score could also mean a discount on your car insurance renewal. All you have to do is keep a check on your driving score using the online dashboard and app. 

This will help lower your renewal premium (how much you would pay next year) allowing you to enjoy your newfound independence without the excessive costs. 

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Why car insurance can be more expensive for young drivers

There are several reasons why insurance can be expensive for young drivers. As you take your first steps into the world of motoring understanding what they are will eventually help you to save money.

Your age

Statistically, young drivers are more likely to be involved in accident than older drivers. When you’re learning to drive, inexperience can be a factor and accidents may occur.

The car you drive

An economical run-around is cheaper to insure than a 200mph supercar. Therefore, the engine size and the model you drive will have an impact on the amount your pay for insurance.

Your driving history

A driver with points on their license or one who has made multiple car insurance claims will naturally pay high premiums.

Annual mileage

You will be more of a risk if you’re a high mileage driver. Our SMART WHEELS limit is 25,000 miles per year.

How to save money on your car insurance

Tips for new drivers
Buy a nice car that's cheap to own

Aim to get a car that is in one of the lower insurance groups. Your first car doesn’t have to be boring. Neither does it have to be a hot rod. 

Remember, you may be a great driver, but other drivers who own the same car may have had accidents that have raised its insurance group (risk level), making it costly for anyone to insure, especially 17-24 year olds. Choose your motor wisely. 


Get insurance that works in the long run

Although we only provide comprehensive cover, don’t assume third party, fire and theft is a cheaper option. 

While it may seem so in the short term, in the long run, if you have an accident and you are without a car, replacing it might be more expensive than simply taking out comprehensive insurance in the first place. 


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Find out how you can drive safer, unlock rewards and potentially earn discounts on your car insurance renewal.

The cheapest cars to insure for young drivers

High performance cars with large engines are generally considered a greater risk to insure than cars with smaller engines and therefore are placed in a higher group. There are 50 groups in total ranging from: group 1 (e.g. Skoda Citigo SE – cheaper to insure) up to group 50 (e.g. Bentley Flying Spur – more expensive to insure). 

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Frequently asked questions

Here's a list of our customers' most asked questions.

Why might my policy be cancelled?

There are a number of different reasons why your policy might be cancelled after you take out black box insurance. They include but are not limited to:

•    Failure to have the black box installed within 14 days of the sales date

•    Failure to send in all required documents within 14 days of the sales date

•    Exceeding your mileage allowance (you can top this up at any time)

•    Repeated or excessive speeding

For further info please read your policy

What is a black box?

A black box is a telematic device, fitted out of sight in your car that records data about your driving style. Speed, smoothness, plus general car usage are the three main factors to keep an eye on.

Can I drive my car before my black box is fitted? 

Yes, you can drive as soon as your policy has started. Please get your black box fitted immediately; your policy will be cancelled after 14 days.

Plus, the sooner your box is fitted the sooner you can start earning rewards.


How do top-up miles work?

Track the miles you have driven and assess your remaining mileage in your online dashboard and app. If you’re running out of miles, you can top up, so don’t worry.
The cost of top up miles is based on your driving score. Therefore, the safer you drive the cheaper your miles could be. However, it is better to get your mileage correct at the start of your insurance as top up miles will cost more.


Are there any curfews to black box insurance?

You have a usage score which can be affected by the time of day you’re driving. We know that everyday life sometimes includes unsociable hours driving so we don’t impose a curfew. However, we also know it is statistically more dangerous to drive during certain times, including the early morning or late at night. So, while the odd trip during these hours won’t affect your usage score, doing lots of journeys during these times will.

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