Why choose our car insurance cover?

Our comprehensive cover provides the following as standard:
24/7 emergency assistance

We won’t leave you stranded after an accident. Our cover includes a 24/7 freephone helpline.

Courtesy car

Available as standard when you use one of our recommended repairers. Excludes a write-off.

Uninsured driver promise

If you're involved in an accident with an identified uninsured driver that wasn't your fault, and you're able to provide the registration and description of the other vehicle, you'll keep your no claim bonus and you won't pay an excess. 

Windscreen repair

Whether it’s an annoying chip or a worrying crack, we will repair or replace your windscreen at the side of the road or at your home address. With our windscreen cover insurance, you’ll pay just £10 towards a repair and £75 for a complete replacement.

Class-leading car insurance rated by experts

Defaqto liked our fully comprehensive policy so much they gave it 5 Stars!


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No Claim Bonus protection

Unlike some insurers, with our optional No Claim Bonus protection we will not reduce your No Claim Bonus regardless how many claims you make! 

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Here’s what’s included in our car insurance cover…

Here are some of the benefits you can expect with our 5 Star Defaqto rated comprehensive car insurance:

Personal accident cover

Our Personal Accident Cover provides a lump sum of £5,000 should you or your partner be involved in a life changing accident giving you or your loved ones breathing space to adjust.

Personal belongings cover

It’s all too easy to leave your valuables in the car when you’re in a rush or simply forgetful. We’ve been there and come a cropper which is why we’ll give you up to £250 to replace personal items such as your mobile phone, sat nav or a favourite jacket that have been damaged or stolen because they were left in your car.

Child car seat replacement

We know that your car is vital for getting your family out and about. That’s why we’ll replace your car seat if you've been in an accident, even if it doesn't look damaged, giving you complete peace of mind.

Wrong fuel cover

If you put the wrong fuel in your car, you’re covered. We’ll provide assistance to drain your vehicle, sort the problem and get you back on the road. Even if your engine is damaged as a result of turning on your ignition, you will be covered. Excess applies.

Need additional cover?

You can add to your car insurance policy by selecting extra cover options to suit your needs:

When you need cover, we keep things simple.

We offer two levels of car insurance:
Comprehensive cover

If an accident is your fault or someone else’s fault or we don't know whose fault it is. You'll be covered (exclusions and restrictions may apply). That’s cover for damage to another person’s car and your own. 

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Third party, fire and theft

You’re covered for damage or injury you cause to another car or person. You're also covered if your car is stolen, broken into or suffers fire or theft damage (exclusions and restrictions may apply). You’re not covered for damage to your own vehicle.

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Want young driver or low mileage insurance?

If you drive less than 8,000 miles per year our LOW MILER car insurance might be for you. Or, if you are between 17-24 years old then SMART WHEELS is purpose-built for young drivers who want affordable car insurance.

Want multi-car discount insurance?

Do you have more than one car in your household that you would like to insure while saving money? Choose this option to find out more or start a quote.
Multi-car discount insurance

15% off for every additional car you insure

Getting a quote couldn’t be easier

You’ll need some information about:

Your car

  • Your car registration
  • Once we have this, we can find the make and model
  • A rough idea of your mileage

About you

  • Your driving history – meaning previous claims or convictions
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Car insurance groups and how they work

Higher performance cars with larger engines are generally considered a greater risk to insure than cars with smaller engines and therefore are placed in a higher group. There are 50 groups in total ranging from: group 1 e.g. Skoda Citigo SE – cheaper to insure, up to group 50 e.g. Bentley Flying Spur – more expensive to insure. Your car’s insurance group is not limited to but determined by:

  • The cost of your car when new
  • The cost of replacement parts, time and labour costs for your car
  • Its performance, meaning 0-60mph acceleration and top speed
  • Its safety features, e.g. test crash rating
  • Its security features, e.g. alarms, immobilisers

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Insurance costs explained

We’ll always try to keep you in the know, particularly when it comes to rising car insurance costs.
Be aware of these factors…
Your age   
As a rule of thumb, the younger you are the less experienced you are at driving. As you get older, you become more experienced and generally your premiums go down. However, as you get much older, the chance of you being involved in an accident rises, so your premiums may rise again.
Your car    
This is one aspect where size really does matter. Larger cars are more expensive to insure than smaller run-arounds. They can potentially cause more damage in an accident. They’re usually more attractive to thieves, and have more complicated parts that are also more costly to repair.
Your driving    history            
Every year that you drive without having an accident the policyholder will earn you a year’s no claim bonus. You’re seen as a careful driver and this helps to keep your premiums low. Plus, the holder of a clean licence is regarded as less of a risk than a person with six points for speeding.
Cost of repairs 
Often manufactured abroad, the price of sourcing car parts can vary due to currency fluctuations. Plus, as cars become more technological, replacing parts such as a wing mirror (now fitted with blind-spot monitoring and indicator inserts) is more costly.

Ways to save money

 Some factors to consider…

  • Third party is not necessarily cheaper than comprehensive
  • Black box insurance is a great way for young drivers to improve their driving while earning rewards
  • A higher excess fee could help to lower your premium
  • Paying your premium annually rather than monthly can save money
  • Try to reduce your average annual mileage to reduce your level of risk
  • Consider multi-car insurance for your household
  • Don’t modify your car unless strictly necessarily
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Rewards to help pay towards your next renewal

Purchase car insurance today and you could join our exciting loyalty programme MORE THAN REWARDS.

Earn cash rewards on everyday spending with brands you love - there’s no limit to how much you could save to help pay for your next renewal!


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Frequently asked questions

Still got a question, here's a list of our customers' most asked questions.

Can I cancel my insurance?

Yes. You can cancel anytime, but charges may apply.  If you’ve claimed you might not get your money back. See your policy documentation for details.


Does my car insurance renew automatically?

That depends on how you pay. If you pay by direct debit through your bank, yes, and if you’ve given us permission to store your card details yes, it will renew automatically. We will always notify you in plenty of time. 


Does my car insurance cover theft?

Yes. Even with Third Party, Fire and Theft you’re covered if your car has been stolen, or you’ve suffered damage to your car as the result of theft, or your things being stolen from your car (monetary limits apply).


How does car insurance excess work?

An excess is the portion of a claim you pay for. It’s made up of compulsory and voluntary elements. Choosing a higher voluntary excess may bring your premium down but you should make sure you can afford to pay this in the event of a claim.
If you consider yourself a careful driver then you may be comfortable taking the risk of a higher excess. It’s all down to how likely you think you are to claim for accidents and how much excess you think you’ll be able to pay at the time.


Does my job affect my car insurance?

Yes. Different occupations can present different risks, so it’s important to be as accurate as you can when entering your job title. Make sure you choose the appropriate usage when getting an insurance quote as this can affect your premium e.g. do you use your car to commute to work or for business trips. Statistically the more miles you drive the more likely you are to have accidents. Choosing car insurance is all about getting the right cover for you and that should include an accurate estimated annual mileage.


How do I estimate my annual mileage?

Record your mileage on an average week. Then take this figure and multiply it by 52 (weeks in the year) and then add 5% to the total, which should provide a reasonable margin for error, taking into account longer trips, holidays, etc.
Tip: annual mileage is also recorded in MOT documentation which might be easier than manual calculations.

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