Looking after your teen’s car while they’re away

Though your son or daughter has left for university, their car still remains at home. Blogger Jocelyn Reading tells us how to take care of their vehicle while they’re away.

“My daughter has just gone to university, but has left her car at home. What's your advice on keeping it in top condition whilst she's gone?”

Many cars are left standing for this reason every year and before sharing some tips on how best to look after it in these circumstances; I would suggest looking into whether you can lower the car’s running costs.

If your daughter is unlikely to be popping back frequently and driving it, it may be worth talking to your insurer about reducing cover to fire and theft only, thus saving a little money each month. Of course, if she's likely to be back regularly, that may not be an option.

To keep the car in the best condition possible, if you have access to one, keep the vehicle in a garage. This will prevent it from weathering outside.

You will also want to jack the wheels up, put the car on stands and leave the handbrake off. By keeping the tyres off the ground it will help to keep them from cracking and going flat.

Also ensure that there is enough anti-freeze in the car, along with preventing the engine itself from freezing, which can be very costly. Using antifreeze in your car helps to prevent rust and corrosion from building up in the cooling system.

Finally, I'd recommend that you start up the engine weekly. This should help to prevent the battery from going flat. It's also worth getting the fans and air conditioning blowing when you do this, to get the air circulating and to stop any damp from building up.

You can read more by Jocelyn Reading at thereadingresidence.com.

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