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Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Insuring your mobile phone

  • 12, Oct 2023
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If you have contents insurance, then your phone is likely already insured inside your home. But this guide will give you tips to make sure your cover meets all your needs.

Broken mobile.

Is my mobile phone covered by my contents insurance policy?

Shake your house upside down, and the bits that fall out are all covered by contents insurance. This would include your mobile phones. At MORE THAN, we'll cover your mobile outside the home if you add personal possessions to your policy.

Our contents insurance covers you for:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Televisions, laptops and mobile phones
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bicycles
  • Fridge and freezer food
  • House keys
  • Jewellery and antiques
  • Collections, like antiques
  • Personal cash (included with Standard and Extra)

At MORE THAN, we’ll cover your unspecified items, like phones, worth under £2,000 each up to your chosen limit. Some items will need to be specified on your policy in order to be covered. These could include portable electronics, photographic equipment and personal tablets or laptops. Plus, we only cover damage as a result of an insured event, like a storm or buglary. Claims are subject to a policy excess. So, make sure you check your policy to see exactly what you’re covered for.

If your phone is damaged, we’ll send your phone to an authorised repairer.

If they can repair your mobile, it'll be returned in full working order. If not, then we'll look to replace it with a ‘like for like’ model.

'Like for like' means sourcing the closest replacement to the model you had before it was damaged.

Steps to take if you lose your mobile phone

Make sure that you have taken all reasonable steps to trace your phone. These include but are not limited to either reporting it as a stolen item or contacting the places of where your phone may have been left or using any available tracking apps to find your phone.

Are there instances where my mobile phone may not be covered?

  • Your policy may not provide cover for normal wear and tear. For example, if your phone stops working as a result of aging
  • You may not be covered if it’s found that you’ve purposefully caused damage to your phone
  • You may not be covered where the issue is caused by manufacturer defects or recalls
  • Your mobile phone may not be covered if it is left in a car in plain view.

Here’s a few instances where your mobile phone may be covered

  • If you drop and smash your screen your phone may be covered for accidental damage
  • If your phone falls into the sink or the bath and stops working, then you may be covered
  • If you lose your mobile phone while out for a walk or while shopping, then you may be covered.

How can I keep my mobile phone safe?

Mobile phones are prone to accidental damage such as water damage, smashed screens through sudden impact, or failure of electrical systems. To keep them safe, remember these helpful tips:

  • Buy a good quality case. These protect fragile edges and corners from constant bumps and bangs
  • Screen guards will protect your phone from most impacts but spend a little extra getting a quality hard cover as opposed to the flimsier variety
  • Don’t leave your phone on wet or damp surfaces, even if your phone is water resistant
  • Keep away from extreme temperatures, including being left in a sunny spot or direct sunlight.

Is your phone covered when you go abroad

If you’re going abroad, be sure your mobile is covered by your travel insurance. Otherwise, make sure your cover meets your needs should you need to make a claim while in another country.

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