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driving in snow

Winter driving guide

If you have no choice but to drive in dangerous conditions, we've got some hints and tips to make sure that you stay as safe and comfortable as possible.



Guide to driving in a flood

We’ve put together some help and guidance on how to prepare for driving in flood water or a flash flood, in case you ever need to.


Top tips for new drivers

Top tips for new drivers

You've just passed your test and the open road awaits! Here are our top tips for making the transition from L to P plates, that much smoother.


calculator and key

What affects your car insurance price?

Do you know what‘s taken into account about you and your lifestyle when you get a car insurance quote online? From age and driving experience to where you live and your claims history - we give you the lowdown on what 'drives' your price.


Looking after teen's car

Look after your teen’s car while they’re away

We've gathered expert advice on how to take care of your teen’s car while they’re away at uni.



Car insurance groups explained

"What insurance group is my car?" Is a question that we often get asked, but finding out what you might pay for your car insurance if you're a young driver or looking to cut the cost of your motoring involves knowing more than what insurance group it's in.



Tips to avoid invalidating your car insurance

Dashing to check-in after leaving your car at the airport valet? It’s likely insurance cover will be the last thing on your mind. But did you know handing your keys over to airport meet and greet services is likely to invalidate your policy?


Test driving a car

How to test drive a car

Testing out a car and how it feels to drive is arguably the most important process when deciding to buy a car, especially a used one. Once you’ve done your research and picked what models you want to test drive, take a look at our guide below for things to look out for on the day.


Pothole on UK road

The problem with potholes

Local authorities fight a constant battle against the lumps, bumps and holes that tear up the tarmac after heavy rain, ice and snow and (the rare) particularly hot days. We all know they make driving difficult but what damage could they actually do to your car?


Car being cleaned

Spruce up your car this spring

Our poor cars, we put them in the frontline all winter long and they deserve a little TLC after being exposed to the elements of winter. We've got some top tips to make your car shine in no time.


Car driving through floodwater

How to drive safely in a flood

Driving in flooded conditions can be very dangerous, so we’ve put together some help and guidance on how to prepare for driving in a flood.


Exchanging details at scene of car accident

What to do after a car accident

Every year tens of thousands of people are affected by road traffic accidents. We've compiled a handy list to keep you safe and help you make an insurance claim so that it can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Petrol pump

Ten tips for better driving

Signed up to SMART WHEELS and want to be a pro behind the wheel? We caught up with the RAC, our official breakdown provider, to find out their top tips for the road – and how you can get a great driving style score.


UK passport and car keys

The rules you need to know driving abroad

Do you research driving laws in Europe before you hit the road? Here are 10 of the most surprising laws you need to be aware of.


Speeding car

Why speeding is a sign of the times

We did some research to investigate some of the nation's speeding habits and were shocked by what we found.


Air conditioning button in car

How to stay chilled when it’s hot outside

We've some tips to help you keep your cool this summer, whether you have two legs or four legs, and whether you’re at home or travelling.


Checking tyre tread depth

Top tips for cheaper motoring

As every car owner knows, the annual cost of driving isn’t getting any cheaper. But there are many ways of reducing expenditure so here's our useful guide for keeping costs down.


Towing a caravan

Guide to towing a caravan or trailer

Whether you're towing a caravan, trailer or another car, there are safety checks you should make and rules you must stick to when you’re on the road. We’ve created a towing guide to help you before, during and after a journey including some driving tips.


Car being towed away

Don't be a victim of car insurance fraud

While you may never have heard of the 'cash for crash' crimewave, your car insurer cer­tainly has. Fraud­u­lent and inflated claims are estim­ated to cost the industry over £1.5 bil­lion a year, adding 5% to the premi­ums of honest policy hold­ers.


Top ten UK beauty spots

Top ten UK beauty spots

Whether you fancy the coast, the mountains, an awe-inspiring structure or picturesque villages, there’s plenty of reasons to take a staycation. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites to inspire you, so get out there and enjoy the view!


Woman opening car door

Can you ever be too old to drive?

When someone reaches the age of 70, should they have to sit a driving test to make sure they're fit to drive? That’s one of the proposals being suggested by a parliamentary committee.


Satnav on dashboard

Is your satnav driving you to distraction?

Satnavs have revolutionised driving for many people, but a new report suggests that they could actually be distracting you from driving safely.


Used cars for sale

What to look for when buying a used car

Buying a second-hand car need not be a frightening experience. With a bit of foresight and planning, there are great deals to be had when buying pre-owned. Here’s our quick guide on what to consider.


Pothole in road

Watch out, there's a pothole about

It can’t have escaped your notice that British roads have a pothole epidemic at the moment. As bad as the potholes may be, there is something you can do about it.



Does Brexit affect my insurance?

Following the EU referendum result you might have concerns about how this will impact your personal finances, including insurance. We'd like to reassure you that this will have no immediate impact on our business, or the service we offer. But in case you do have queries, here's what you need to know.


Calculator and car keys

Why am I paying more for my car insurance?

In July 2017 the Association of British Insurers (ABI) revealed the average price paid for car insurance in the UK rose 11% compared to the same period last year, reaching a high of £484. Find out the factors that make up your renewal price.


UK road

Mysterious case of disappearing road markings

Have you ever driven along the road, looked around and wondered where all of the white lines have gone? Well you’re probably not alone, as a recent survey found that more than half of all UK road markings are barely visible.


Stormy weather

Tips on driving in stormy weather

Driving in stormy weather and high winds can potentially be very dangerous, so we’ve put together some help and top tips on how to prepare for driving in storms and strong winds.


Car thief

How to help protect your car from theft

An increase in thefts of expensive makes of cars with keyless technology has recently hit the headlines. In fact half of all car thefts take places without the use of keys! So here’s some advice on how to help prevent it


Scraping ice off car windows

Tips for driving in snow and ice

If you have no choice but to drive in dangerous conditions we've got some hints and tips to make sure that you stay as safe as possible whilst on the snow and ice.


Car tyre in snow

Our winter weather driving checklist

Now the nights are drawing in and the roads are increasingly covered in either water, ice or snow, it’s time to think about how to winterproof your car.