What should I do after a fire at my home?

Flames, heat, smoke and water: it’s a destructive mix, and one that can cause major damage to your home. But it is possible to considerably limit the harm that a fire does to your belongings and home. Here are our tips.

Make safety your first priority

Fires are dangerous – even, and sometimes especially, once the flames have been extinguished and the dust has settled.

Fires can cause considerable structural damage which may not be immediately apparent, so only ever re-enter your home if you have been given the go-ahead by a professional.

Avoid turning on any gas, electricity or water supplies

Especially if they’ve been isolated by the fire service, and don’t eat or drink anything that’s been exposed to smoke or liquid used to extinguish the fire.

Be aware that smoke can cause breathing difficulties – if you experience any respiratory problems, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Contact your insurer

If you’re a MORE TH>N customer just call us and we’ll take time to explain the next steps. You can also start a claim online here

Once you’ve registered your claim, Your insurance company will arrange a visit to inspect your home so don’t attempt to clean up the damage until they’ve given you the ‘OK’. 

If you have a different insurer for your building and your contents, you'll need to contact them both.

Going back home

Once it’s safe to return home, it’s vital to carry out a quick and effective clean-up.

At MORE TH>N we’ll help you arrange repairs, but if your insurer doesn’t, be sure to hire a trusted and personally recommended company, and always get a detailed quote before they start work. 

Depending on your budget and the level of damage, it’s often a better bet to arrange for many items – such as carpets, curtains and precious objects – to be cleaned and repaired professionally.

You might be pleasantly surprised: items that appear ruined can often be near enough restored to their former glory. 

Find out more about our Home Insurance today.

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