We sell a policy every two minutes ^

We sell a policy every two minutes ^

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Car insurance

Multi-car insurance discount

Consumer Intelligence Award Winner 2021 for Claims Satisfaction**

  • Save 15%* for every additional car you insure

Offer ends 23 November 2021.

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Consumer Intelligence Award Winners 2021

We go that extra mile to deliver outstanding service, especially when you need us most. When accidents happen, we'll work hard to ensure your claim is processed with the minimum of fuss. So, we’re delighted that our customers recommended us for Claims Satisfaction**. Thank you, from the team at MORE THAN.

What is MORE THAN multi-car insurance discount?

If you have multiple cars to insure in your household, we’ll reward you with a 15%* discount if you insure them with us. In fact, with our multi-car discount there isn't a limit to the amount of cars you can insure. After the original car policy, every additional car will be discounted 15%*. Plus, you won’t need any extra paperwork to complete the quote.
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Who will multi-car insurance discount suit?

  • If you own more than one car
  • If you’re a family with multiple drivers and vehicles
  • If you’re a couple with more than one vehicle

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How does a multi-car insurance discount work?

1. You already have an existing policy with us. You know and trust us.

2. You want to get another car insured. You contact us for a quote.

3. This and every additional car you insure with us will receive a 15%* discount.

How do I get my multi-car insurance discount?

Begin your quote now and your discount will be automatically added.

Offer ends 23 November 2021.

Start a car quote

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Is multi-car insurance cheaper?

There are many ways of reducing car insurance costs and getting a MORE THAN multi-car insurance discount is an excellent way of being smart with your money.

Our multi-car discount will help to save money because you save 15%* off every other car you insure.This excludes MORE THAN SMART WHEELs and MORE THAN LOW MILER.

Multi-car insurance discount allows you to:

  • Ensure each policy meets your individual needs
  • Register, view and manage policies online
  • Organise separate renewal dates
  • Make claims without affecting the other policyholders
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Class-leading car insurance rated by experts

Defaqto liked our fully comprehensive policy so much they gave it 5 Stars!

Start a quote

Getting a quote is simple. You’ll need:

Some info about your car, including:

  • Your car reg. Once we have this, we can find the make and model
  • Your approximate mileage

Some info about you, including

  • Your driving history – including previous claims or convictions

More benefits of a multi-car insurance discount:

  • 15%* discount for each additional car you insure with us
  • You can set different excess levels
  • You earn no claim bonus on each policy
  • You can choose different optional extras for each policy
  • You choose different drivers for each vehicle
  • Our comprehensive cover is rated 5 Stars by independent financial experts Defaqto.

Offer ends 23 November 2021.

Ready to get a multi-car discount insurance quote?

Why choose MORE THAN car insurance?

We recently won the Consumer Intelligence 2021 Award for Claims Satisfaction voted by drivers**. We'll do our best to ensure your claim is hassle-free. As a MORE THAN customer you can also enjoy:

Different types of cover

A range of car insurance to suit your needs with LOW MILER or SMART WHEELS.

Multi-car discounts

An additional 15% off every car in your household that you insure with us. Offer ends 23 November 2021.

Important information

* 1. Offer ends 23 November 2021. 2. Discount applied automatically. 3. Standard conditions and minimum premiums apply. 4. Discount applies to new policies only. 5. We may withdraw or replace offers at any time. 6. Discount may be revoked if the first policy is cancelled.

**Consumer Intelligence Award Winner 2021 for Claims Satisfaction. Motor insurance category. Recommended by customers. 81% of motor customers scored us 8 out of 10 or higher for Claims Service.