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LOW MILER car insurance

A fairer deal for low mileage drivers.

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What is LOW MILER car insurance?

We'll go the extra mile so that you won't need to

LOW MILER is car insurance linked directly to the miles you drive. It's designed for people who don’t use their cars often or those who travel shorter distances. Your annual mileage plays an important part in how insurance is calculated. Simply put, the more miles you drive the more you risk having an accident, and this is partly reflected in how much you pay. So, what if you don’t drive many miles and your risk is therefore lower than higher mileage drivers?

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Car insurance for the miles you drive

LOW MILER is a fairer way to provide car insurance for those who don’t drive as many miles. Using a smart LOW MILER device we can keep track of your miles giving you a fairer price for your needs.

Who could LOW MILER car insurance suit?

  • You live in the city and don’t regularly use your car
  • You’re reducing the number of days you drive to work
  • You only drive your car at weekends
  • You're 25 years old or above
  • You’ve bought a second car
  • You regularly drive under 7,000 miles a year
  • You want to reduce your carbon footprint

Here's how to get started

Four simple steps to low mileage cover

Add up your annual mileage

To see how far you regularly drive compare the mileage on your last two MOT certificates. We also have a handy mileage calculator on our quote pages to help you.

Get a quote

To get your quote you'll need to let us know how many miles you think you'll drive over the year along with some details about yourself and your car.

Plug in and drive

Once you've bought your policy, we'll send you your LOW MILER device in the post for you to fit easily to your car. It'll keep track of your miles and we'll send you regular updates on how many miles you have left.

Top up your miles

If you think you might run out and need more, you can buy top-up miles at any point (a £25 admin fee is applicable when topping up miles) during your policy.
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See what's included in our LOW MILER car cover

Here are just some of the features you can expect

Personal Accident Cover

Our Personal Accident Cover gives you or your loved ones up to £5,000 should you be involved in a life changing accident.

Courtesy car as standard

Courtesy car service is standard. There is currently an industry-wide shortage of courtesy cars. We will do our utmost to provide you with a vehicle in the event of an accident.

Windscreen repair

Your windscreen is covered if it suffers accidental damage such as a stone chip. Plus, your No Claim Bonus will not be affected. Excess applies.

Personal belongings cover

Up to £250 to replace personal items such as jackets, mobile phones, sat navs, etc. damaged or stolen because they were left in your car.

Child car seat replacement

We know that your car is vital for getting your family out and about. In the event of an accident we’ll replace your child’s seat.

Emergency care benefit

Our Emergency care benefit means we’ll contribute up to £200 for medical expenses and up to £1000 for replacement locks.

Getting a quote couldn’t be easier

You’ll need some information about:

Your car

  • Your car registration
  • Once we have this, we can find the make and model
  • A rough idea of your mileage

About you

  • Your driving history – meaning previous claims or convictions

LOW MILER doesn’t mean less cover

LOW MILER means comprehensive insurance cover

Comprehensive cover

If an accident is your fault or someone else’s fault or we don't know whose fault it is. You'll be covered (exclusions and restrictions may apply). That’s cover for damage to another person’s car and your own.

You'll be covered for:

Our comprehensive insurance covers you for car accidents, plus vandalism, theft and fire damage. You're also insured for damage caused by animals and natural disasters such as flooding.

Benefits of low mileage driving

This cover may help to reduce both your fuel costs and carbon footprint. What's more, your low mileage car is more attractive at re-sale. Plus, you'll get a fairer price for the miles you drive.

Our LOW MILER device

Don't worry. Our smart device isn't spying on how or when you drive. We're only interested in your mileage and where you park your car. For all your LOW MILER questions visit our FAQ's page.

Do you qualify for LOW MILER?

If you’re 25 or over and you drive below 7,000 miles per year, then you’re eligible for LOW MILER.

How LOW MILER could save you money

We'll regularly update you on your mileage use which may help you to stay in control of your insurance cost.
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When you need more miles

It's easy to top up!

You’re only covered for the amount of miles you’ve selected but don’t worry, if you think you’ll need more you can amend your mileage at any point during your policy year. It’s most cost-effective to do this during your first month, where you can buy mileage in 1,000 mile increments.

After this you can still top up your miles. This will be offered in smaller increments, but please note this will be a more expensive option. The cost of your top up miles is based on the information used to price your insurance and the amount of miles you’re buying.

Where do I fit the LOW MILER device?

Get started in seconds with easy installation

The device fits into your car’s OBD-II socket (that's an on-board computer socket to you and me). It's usually found around the dashboard or footwell below the steering wheel. To find your car’s OBD socket (on-board computer) please visit www.wikiobd.co.uk or download their free wiki OBD app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the simple steps to find your car.

Need more information on LOW MILER?

Visit our frequently asked questions page