Every 35 seconds, someone chooses MORE THAN ^

Every 35 seconds, someone chooses MORE THAN ^

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Car insurance

Legal assistance plan

Take the worry out of unexpected legal issues.

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Add our plan which includes up to £100,000 legal expenses and representation cover.

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Legal expenses cover

You'll be covered for legal expenses to recover uninsured losses if, for example, you're unable to work as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault.

Legal assistance is included as part of MORE THAN Extra but you can also add this to our other cover levels as an optional extra.

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Support and advice

If you’re injured in an accident, you can speak to our legal team for guidance and advice, 24 hours a day. If you require further support, you can choose your own legal representation or choose from our panel of legal firms. It's up to you.

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Access to legal documents

You'll have access to online templates to create legal documents such as a parking ticket dispute letter and many more. You can also submit them for review by a legal representative.

You won't be covered for:

  • Disputes you're in at the moment
  • Events you report over 180 days after they happen
  • Any legal action that you are unlikely to win
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Add legal assistance

Simply email or phone us on 0330 100 7823 and we’ll help you to add it to your policy.
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Access legal assistance

If this is already included in your policy, log in now to access legal documents or get support or advice.

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