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Car mileage calculator

  • 17, Mar 2022
  • Read time: 8 mins

We created this handy guide so you can find out what sort of mileage driver you are. It will help you understand whether your car insurance reflects your driving needs.

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What does mileage mean? 

In this context, mileage refers to the amount that you drive, usually across the course of a year. Mileage is not the only criteria used to calculate your car insurance, but it is important. The more miles you drive, the greater your risk of having an accident. If you’re a high mileage driver, you can expect to pay a higher premium than if you were a low mileage driver.

Does your car insurance reflect the type of mileage driver you are? Are you paying too much for a service you don’t need?

Find out if you’re a LOW MILER

We’ve created this simple questionnaire to gauge your mileage. You never know, the results could surprise you and your mileage might not be as low or high as you thought. 

Use this table to help estimate your mileage.

Question 1: How far do you drive to and from work each week?

This is the simple bit. Usually, we already know the exact distance we drive on our commute, so it should be easy to get this figure.

Question 2: Do you make other weekly trips? What about the school run, or visiting friends and family? Don't forget shopping, running errands, hobbies, and clubs. 

A trickier question. We don’t usually calculate how many miles we drive for everyday tasks such as the school run. Use the table to see how much this equates to.

Question 3: Now consider a whole year – do you tend to make any other longer trips?

Roughly, how many long trips a year do you take visiting friends and family? Don't forget to add holidays that involve driving.

Now add all this up to see what your approximate annual mileage is.

There are three types of mileage drivers – which one are you? 

High – Above 20,000 miles per year

You practically live in your car, you may as well sleep in it. The sat nav is your best friend.

Medium – Between 7,000 to 20,000 miles per year

You are no stranger to traffic jams, and drive time radio is your take on choir practice.

Low – Anything below 7,000 miles per year

You’re a LOW MILER who doesn’t use their car often. Perhaps you live in the city and don’t need to drive regularly, or you’ve got a second car and this one is for fun. Or, you’ve made an effort to reduce your carbon footprint and you take other forms of transport. If this is you, then take a look at our LOW MILER car insurance and see if it fits your insurance needs.

Why is it important to know how much you drive? 

If you’re not sure of your actual mileage, then you could be under or even over-paying for your insurance. Worse, you could actually invalidate your insurance policy if you exceeded your insurer’s stated mileage amount. Here at MORE THAN you become ineligible if you drive over 40,000 miles per year. 

Furthermore, for young driver’s insurance or low mileage insurance, these are agreed mileage policies. So, if you exceed the mileage then you need to top-up, or the policy will be cancelled. For these reasons, it’s better to have a firm grasp of your driving details.

Knowing your exact mileage will help you estimate your fuel costs. It will give you essential information when buying a new car (mileage is a factor when taking out finance).

If you're thinking of switching to a low-carbon vehicle such as an electric car, you’ll need to know if it will suit your needs. Estimating your mileage will help with this.

Protecting your car with MORE THAN

Whatever your car insurance needs we have the cover to suit your lifestyle. From low mileage car insurance to black box insurance for young drivers aged 17 to 24. Get in touch with our team of helpful advisors and we’ll start you on the road to a brighter driving future.

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