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Every 35 seconds, someone chooses MORE THAN ^

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Teaching your dog to give paw and high five

  • 1, Dec 2023
  • Read time: 2 mins

Teaching your dog fun tricks is one of the best parts of having a dog, and why not start with a classic?

Watch and read our guide, created in partnership with Dogs for Good, to learn how to teach your dog to give paw and high five.

1. Find a quiet space

Make sure both you and your dog are feeling comfortable and relaxed. If your dog is particularly excitable or hyper, you may want to wait a little for them to calm down.

2. Start in the sit position

If your dog finds it hard to stay still, it may be time to go back to basics. Your dog should be comfortable with simple commands like sit and stay before moving on to tricks.

3. Tickle the backs of their legs

When they lift their paw, give them a reward, like a treat. Make sure you accompany this with lots of praise and enthusiasm!

4. Practice, practice, practice

Try this a few times until your dog is reliably lifting their paw. Then, hold out your hand flat in front of their leg. This should lead them to hold out their paw to you.

Practice this as many times as you like - and don't forget the enthusiasm and treats!

5. Move it higher

Once they start offering you their paw, you can start to lift your hand higher.

Top tip

Keep things fun and relaxed! Teaching your dog tricks like this should be fun for both of you. It should also provide some mental stimulation for your dog.

Remember that it's your dog's choice to offer you their paw. If they're not keen, or it takes a while, try not to get frustrated.

Never force them if they don't want to learn a trick. It may be the wrong time for training, or simply something they don't want to do.

6. Move hand into an upright position

Once your dog is happily and regularly offering you their paw, you can move on. Now for the high five!

Slowly start to move your hand into an upright position.

Don't forget the praise and rewards!

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