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Contents insurance for tenants

  • 12, Oct 2023
  • Read time: 9 mins

If you rent your property then you’ll already know that there are many advantages. Like not having to dip into your savings if the boiler gives up the ghost.

Structural issues, such as drainage problems, are normally covered by your landlord. Contents insurance helps protect your belongings if something unexpected happens. This could include loss, theft or damage from a storm, flood or fire.

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What is tenants insurance for renters?

Tenants insurance is useful when there is unexpected damage to your rented property. It could help you pay to replace your belongings in cases such as fire, or if there is a break-in.

It is designed to cover your own possessions rather than the building itself.

Do I need tenants contents insurance?

A fire, break-in, or flood can potentially spell financial disaster. Contents insurance is not a legal requirement, but it can help you get back on your feet if the worst happens.

Think about how much it would cost to replace all your possessions if they were lost in a fire. That includes any furniture you own, computers, clothes and TVs. When you add it up, it’ll likely come to a figure few would have to hand if they needed replacing.

What is and isn’t included in tenants’ insurance cover?

Most policies will cover your possessions against theft or damage by fire or flood. Accidental damage is not always covered.

What’s covered?

  • Furniture
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Televisions, laptops and mobile phones
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bicycles at home
  • Fridge and freezer food
  • House keys
  • Jewellery and antiques
  • Collections, like antiques
  • Personal cash (included with Standard and Extra)

What’s not covered?

  • Accidental damage: Usually you wouldn't be covered if you drop and smash your laptop at home. To cover you if this happens, you need accidental damage insurance. This comes as standard with our Extra cover. If you choose Essentials or Standard, you can add it to your cover. This is subject to excesses, exclusions, and limits in the policy
  • Personal possessions: Cover for your everyday items against loss or damage in and outside the home
  • Bicycles away from home: Contents insurance covers your bike when it's secure at home. If you add personal possessions cover to your home insurance, we'll include bikes worth under £2,000 when you take them away from home

What if I flat share?

If you share a flat, you may need contents insurance for your own belongings. Some policies will cover just your room and require proof of a locked door if you make a claim. Be aware of what's not covered before getting insurance. Some policies won't cover you if there's no sign of forced entry.

When do I need to take out tenants insurance?

Consider taking out tenants insurance when you are renting a property. If you get a policy to start on your moving in date, your belongings could be covered from day one.

It is possible to get tenants insurance at any time during your tenancy.

How to estimate the value of my contents

To calculate the value of your contents, go through your home room by room. You'll need to add up the value of all your possessions if you had to replace them as new. Include everything, from clothes and furniture (if you own it), to art and televisions.

Consider personal possessions insurance for increased cover on items you take out. This could include your phone or tablet.

How to save money on your tenants contents insurance

There’s a range of factors that can impact the cost of your home insurance. To keep your premiums lower, consider the following:

  • Secure your home – increase the security of your home. This could reduce your premiums. For example, consider installing an alarm system to deter break-ins
  • Bundle your policies – use the same insurer for multiple policies. This can make it more cost effective
  • Raise your excess – your excess is the amount you would pay towards a claim. A higher excess amount could lower your premium

What if I am a student?

If you're a student living away from home, you may have cover included in your home insurance. It is worth finding out and considering your own contents cover. This could protect your study essentials, such as your laptop.

Our guide to students contents insurance can help you explore your insurance options.

Keep your belongings safe

Experiencing events such as fire, theft or flooding can be a challenging time. Tenants contents insurance could give you financial support to get back on your feet.

Need contents insurance? We’ve got you covered.

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