Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Lady on telephone about broken window.
Landlord insurance

Landlord home emergency cover

You can select this cover when taking out landlord insurance with us, or add it to your existing policy for only £50 annually.

Lady on telephone about broken window.

What is landlord home emergency cover?

Landlord home emergency cover can help cover repair costs, labour and call-out fees, meaning landlords have a plan in place to deal with unexpected issues that need dealing with right away.

A home emergency is an event that:

  • Makes your property unsafe or uninhabitable
  • Puts your tenants in danger
  • Leads to a security issue - increasing the risk of burglary

Why get our home emergency cover for landlords?

Save yourself time and hassle

No need to search for someone if you have a home emergency. We'll provide one of our authorised tradespeople to help you fix the problem.

Up to £1,000 repair cover

We'll cover the cost of materials for emergency repairs up to £1,000, and one of our authorised tradespeople will be on hand to help your tenants.

Upgrade your cover for only £50 annually

Get in touch to upgrade your landlord insurance and cover emergencies, including boiler repairs if you lose heating in your property*.

What is covered by landlord home emergency cover

Water leaks – including boiler leaks

Broken windows – these present a security risk

Hole in the roof – if the hole is open to the elements which in turn are damaging your property

Internal power cuts

No hot water

No central heating

Roof repair

Blocked drain or toilet

What's not covered by landlord home emergency cover

Boiler replacement for appliances over 15 years old. Your boiler must also be serviced annually by an authorised tradesperson

Repairs over £1,000

Other repairs - like redecoration or damage caused by a burst pipe

Anything which we don’t define as a home emergency
Garages, sheds and greenhouses

Get your home emergency cover for landlords

You can upgrade your existing landlord insurance with home emergency cover for only £50 annually - just contact us to change your policy.

If you don't have landlord cover, get our landlord insurance and select home emergency cover.

Please note we do not cover any incident which occurs during the first 7 days following the start of your home emergency cover.

Important information

* Boiler repairs

Boilers must be serviced annually. Excludes boilers over 15 years old.