Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Protecting customers with insurance since 2001

Continuous insurance enforcement

A law came into force in 2011 which made it illegal to keep a vehicle without appropriate insurance unless it is declared as off the road. This change in the law is designed to help reduce the problem of uninsured drivers in the UK and will help to protect you and other honest drivers.

The process

The DVLA now compare their records with the Motor Insurance Database (MID), the UK’s central record of vehicle insurance. If a vehicle does not have a record of insurance then the registered keeper will receive a letter explaining the steps to take to avoid enforcement action, including:

  • a fixed penalty fine of £100
  • their vehicle being clamped, seized and disposed of
  • a court prosecution with a maximum fine of £1,000.

    These powers are in addition to the powers the police already have to seize an uninsured vehicle on the road and fine the driver.

    How to check if your vehicle is insured

    If you want to check your vehicle is recorded as 'insured' on the MID, visit the free service askMID.

    Further information on the change in the law is also available on the website.