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Pet insurance doesn't have to be complicated. We've created a video to help explain the different cover levels we offer to help you make the best choice for your pets.

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Premier Lifetime Pet Insurance

5 Star Defaqto rated Premier lifetime offers our most comprehensive package of cover. Choose up to either £4,000 or £12,000 of vet fees per year and new or ongoing illnesses and accidents covered by your policy will continue to be insured up to your chosen limit each year, as long as your policy is renewed. For more information download the pet policy wording.

Classic Pet Insurance

Classic gives you a choice of either £8,000 or £4,000 vet fee cover per condition for your pet. Cover is available for both accidents and illnesses and continues for each condition until the vet fees limit is reached, as long as cover is made available to you and you renew your cat or dog insurance policy. For more information download the pet policy wording.

Basic Pet Insurance

Basic offers you cover for your pet for both illnesses and accidents. You can set your vet fees limit at either £1,500 or £3,000 for each new condition and your pet will be covered for up to 12 months from the first date of treatment, as long as your policy remains in force. It also includes up to £500 of Accidental Damage cover and £1 million Third Party Liability cover (dogs only). For more information download the pet policy wording.

Accident Only Pet Insurance

Accident Only offers you a basic level of cover for your pet. Whilst you’ll be covered for the cost of any accidents your pet has, you won’t be covered for any pet illnesses, unless the illness was a result of the accident. You'll receive cover for up to £2,500 of vet fees, if your pet is hurt in an accident, for up to 12 months from the first date of treatment. For more information download the pet policy wording.

Customer Help for Pet Insurance

When you're choosing your pet insurance, it's important to know that you've got the cover you need to protect the health and wellbeing of your cat or dog. What's included in my policy? What's my quote reference number? How do I change my policy? For answers to these questions and more go to Pet customer help.

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