Weird and wonderful holiday destinations

Are you looking for something a little unusual this year? If you enjoy adventure and the idea of experiencing something unique, read on. Our Travel Team have explored some of the more unusual holiday destinations across the world.

Feed a giraffe from your bedroom window

Set amidst 140 acres of lush indigenous forest, Kenya’s Giraffe Manor is a great escape if you are looking for a holiday with a twist.

Here you can enjoy a stay in one of Nairobi’s most characterful buildings, and watch the resident Rothschild giraffes as they saunter up to the windows in the hope of a snack; these curious and beautiful creatures often visit in the early evening and morning before heading back to their forest sanctuary.

Visit one of the strangest temples in the world

The Karni Mata Temple, set just outside Bikaner in India, is one of the most unique temples in the world today. Not only does it feature ornate and beautiful architecture and carvings, but it is also home to 20,000 rats!

This is not just a pest problem, however - here the rats are worshipped, and enjoy fine dining thanks to the gifts of food and milk that their human devotees bestow on them every day.

Stay in an igloo village

If you've ever wondered what it’s like to stay in your own private igloo, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland boasts over 20 thermal glass igloos, just perfect for gazing up at the stars or enjoying breath-taking views of the Northern Lights.

What’s more, because they are made of glass, you can heat your igloo and relax in warmth and comfort without fear of it melting.

A tree house adventure in Australia

How about spending a week or two looking out over a lush, green forest filled with exotic and fascinating wildlife?

This is the holiday that awaits you at Atherton Tablelands in Australia.

Here you can experience life above the canopy of the rainforest in your very own timber tree house and see climbing kangaroos, cassowary and platypus up close and personal in their natural habitat.

Swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores

Watching dolphins in the wild is a marvellous sight in itself, but in the Azores, you’ll have the chance to swim with them, too!

There are many guided trips on offer here that give holidaymakers an experience of a lifetime and the opportunity to feel part of the magical world of dolphins in their natural marine habitat.

Whether you choose to visit one of these interesting destinations, or opt for something a little less wild, don’t forget to get covered with MORE THAN Travel Insurance.

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