A sensory garden for cats

Adding a few plants and features to your garden can create a whole new environment for your pet to discover. We've created a downloadable sensory garden map that you can create for your cat.

As well as tantalising all their senses, the sensory garden encourages cats to interact with their surroundings and provides physical and mental challenges.

Feel: Gather a few chairs and put them outside. Your cat will be happy to see a comfortable and familiar object that they can climb on to observe their territory.

Cats love comfort! Place some cushions or their beds on your garden chairs and benches, they will really enjoy relaxing in the sun on a familiar spot. Put something under your patio table, so they can still sit comfortably and under shelter if it rains.

Hear: Tie a wind chime to the branch of a tree in your garden to give your pet a zen atmosphere.

Nap: Under a nice tree or in the shade, place a pillow or cushion to create a new napping spot for your cat.

Play: Fill a low sided paddling pool with water. Add some waterproof toys (like a fake fish) and watch your cat play! Just remember not to force them if they don’t like it.

Taste: Hide dry treats for your cat in a special area in your garden. Make sure your cat eats them, as you wouldn’t want to attract other cats and create a kitty-clash. Cats are very territorial and can get extremely stressed by other cats in their area – this can cause problems such as cystitis and anxiety.

Sniff: Plant some cat friendly floras, recommended and vet-approved, that your cat can scratch and sniff all day:


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