Protecting your pets from floods and storms

Floods and storms can often hit without much warning, so it pays to be prepared if you have pets.

We’ve put together some practical steps you can take to protect your pets.

Be prepared for a flood

The Environment Agency state that over 5 million people in England and Wales live and work in properties that are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea.

Thinking ahead and being prepared for a flood will make it easier to keep your pets safe.

Assess the flood risk

Have the Floodline number to hand so you can assess the current flood risk. Either call 0845 988 1188 or go to the Environment Agency website.

Plan an escape route

Be prepared isn’t just a good motto for scouts! Think about how you could quickly exit your home with your pets in tow.

Have your pet carriers to hand

If you have smaller animals that may need to be transported in a pet carrier, make sure you know where they are kept so that you can evacuate your pets quickly and safely.

If you’re affected by flooding don’t delay!

Floodwaters can rise surprisingly quickly, so it’s important to act fast when helping your pets.

Bring small animals inside.

If possible, bring animals upstairs to avoid rising floodwaters.

Put any important pet-related documents and information in a sealed plastic bag, such as vaccination certificates.

Have emergency supplies of water and food to hand.

You may need to evacuate your pets from home

Whether you need to evacuate your home is a decision you may need to make. If so, there are a couple of things to remember.

Put small animals into pet carriers. It will make it easier to transport them.

Take emergency supplies of water and food with you.

If you aren’t able to take them with you, lock your pets in an upstairs room with plenty of water and food and leave notes to say there are animals inside.

Protecting your pets from storms

As well as flooding, your pets may be at risk from storms. For many animals, the sound of thunder and sight of lightning is very frightening. If storms are forecast, make sure you keep your pets indoors or in their cages.

Make sure any outdoor structures such as cages or stables are secure and well protected.

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