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Every 35 seconds, someone chooses MORE THAN ^

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What is Accident Only cover?

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What is my pet covered for?

Vet Fees

Our pets can get themselves into all sorts of scrapes out and about on their adventures. If your pet has been hurt in an accident, then you can claim up to £2,500 for up to 12 months from the first treatment date. If you make a claim and have any remaining cover benefits you wish to use in the next policy year, you must renew your policy with us and there must be no break in cover.

Accidental Damage

If while you’re visiting someone else’s property your pet causes accidental damage to their personal property, then you can claim up to £500.

Third Party Liability

For dog owners, the legal responsibility for injury to others or damage to someone's property lies with you. For that reason, we offer third party liability cover for up to £500,000 for added peace of mind. Exclusions apply.

Lost and Found

You can add Lost and Found cover so if your pet goes missing, you can claim up £1,000 for advertising and up to £1,000 for a reward for their safe return.

What isn't my pet covered for?

The cover for an accident stops whenever the vet fees limit or time period is reached and any accident treatments are excluded from future claims.

Accidents occurring before or within the first 48 hours of your policy start date.

Any changes you or your vet notice in the health or behaviour of your pet before this policy started

Any treatment for any cruciate ligament (within the knee) problems however caused.

Other exclusions apply.

Why could my renewal price change?

It's important that you budget for renewal prices, as they will increase as your pet gets older. There are many reasons for renewal increases, such as new developments that help vets diagnose and treat pets with even greater care. This is good news for your pet but can cause your renewal price to increase. There is no limit to how much your renewal price can increase over time. There is no limit to how much your renewal price can increase over time.

To make sure you choose the right level of cover for you and your pet, please read the full policy terms and conditions below:

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