Financial support


Depending on your situation and what you need from your insurance, there may be ways we can help you manage your payments to make sure you don’t end up uninsured. You may be able defer payments for up to three months. Rest assured, applying for a payment deferral will not impact your credit score and there will be no additional fees or charges.

To find more information on payment deferrals, including the eligibility criteria and how to apply please read the details provided and our frequently asked questions below. 

We may also be able to reduce your level of cover to make your premiums more affordable.

Please contact us to talk about the options that might be available to you. You can view our phone numbers and opening hours here.

The Money Advice Service’s Money Navigator tool is useful if you are considering whether a payment deferral is right for you. The Financial Conduct Authority also provides information for consumers at ‘Dealing with financial difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic’.

Alternatively you may wish to visit National Debtline for free and impartial debt advice if you live in England, Wales or Scotland.

Payment deferrals


You can apply for your payment deferral online by filling in and submitting our online form.

Once you have answered the first three questions on the online form about your payment history, you will need to read the important information that appears. You can continue to fill in the payment deferral form after you have read and understood the important information.

When you submit your form, we will be in touch with details of your payment deferral.

What we need to know to process your form:

  • If you are the policyholder or if you are applying for a payment deferral on behalf of a policyholder
  • Your contact details
  • The policy number for the insurance policy you are requesting a payment deferral for (including the letters at the beginning)
  • Your eligibility for a payment deferral; if you do not match our eligibility criteria, you can still apply by filling in the form we will review your request and may be able to offer a one month payment deferral. 

Payment deferral frequently asked questions


What is a payment deferral?

Eligible customers can defer their monthly payments if they are struggling financially. The deferred payment will need to be re-paid in full after the deferral period has ended.

How do I ask for a payment deferral?

Please fill in our online form here to apply for a payment deferral.


How long can I defer my payments for?

Payments can be deferred one month at a time, up to a maximum of three times in total. These deferrals can be split and do not need to run one after the other. For example, you could choose to defer your June, August and October payment.


Will I need to pay this money back?

Yes, the deferred payment will need to be paid back in a lump sum alongside the next instalments when the deferral period ends.

For example, if your monthly payment of £25 is due on the 25 May and you defer your monthly payments for three months, we will defer £75 in total. When the deferral period has ended on 25 August, you will need to pay the deferred £75 and the £25 due that month, totaling £100.


Who is eligible for a payment deferral?

  • You pay for your insurance monthly
  • The policy is currently active and you have made at least one payment
  • You, your spouse/partner:
    • have been furloughed and have not yet received 80% of your salary from your employer under the Government payment scheme or
    • are self-employed and are unable to work or trade because of coronavirus, but are unable to claim under the Government Self-Employed Income support scheme or
    • were made unemployed at any point after 19 March 2020


What if I don’t meet the eligibility criteria?

If you do not match our eligibility criteria, you can still apply by filling in the form we will review your request and may be able to offer a one month payment deferral. 


Is it available to new customers?

This is available to customers with an active policy who have made at least one monthly payment or a deposit.


Which insurance policies can I request a payment deferral on?

Payment deferrals are available for monthly payments on the following MORE THAN insurance policies:

  • Car insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Home insurance
  • SMARTWHEELS young driver insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Residential landlord insurance
  • Commercial landlord insurance
  • Business car insurance
  • Shop insurance
  • Office insurance
  • Hair and beauty insurance
  • Start up insurance 


I have many insurance policies with you; can I apply for a payment deferral for them all?

Yes, you will need to fill in a new form for each insurance policy that you would like a payment deferral for.


Will applying for a payment deferral have an impact on my credit rating?

Setting up a payment deferral will not impact your credit score.


Will there be any fees or charges applied for setting up a payment deferral?

There are no fees or charges for choosing to apply for a payment deferral.


Can I suspend my policy?

No, we are not able to suspend your policy.


Will I be able to make changes to my policy if I have deferred payments?

Yes, you can continue to make changes to your policy. If you make a change this may affect the amount of the remaining monthly payments. If this happens we will adjust the outstanding payment due at the end of the deferral period to take into account any change to your monthly payment.


I pay monthly and want to renew my policy. Can I apply for a payment deferral?

If you would like to renew your insurance policy with us, your first payment on your renewed policy can be deferred if you meet the eligibility criteria.


I pay annually for my insurance and my renewal is soon, can I defer my payment?

We cannot defer annual payments. Customers can switch to monthly payments by calling us to discuss their renewal. If you are considering this, please consider your options carefully as some policies may charge a different amount to pay monthly.