Critical illness cover

You could receive a lump sum payment on diagnosis of specified illness.

Cover is available for couples or individuals, which can be added to an existing life policy.

Which critical illnesses are covered?

The conditions covered by each insurer varies but generally include cancer, a heart attack, a stroke and multiple sclerosis. For more specific information please make sure you read the full policy wording before your buy your cover.

Children's critical illness cover is included at no extra charge. You'll need to refer to your provider’s key facts document for a full list of conditions they cover.


What will critical illness cover pay for?

This cover will pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of a condition as specified in the policy wording. This could help improve your quality of life by paying for necessary treatment or home alterations, paying off your mortgage or covering regular bills.

You can add critical illness cover to a life insurance policy.


What are my options?

  • Pick the best deal from our panel of insurers.
  • Choose from single or joint cover.

Select either:

  • A 'guaranteed' product where the premium you pay remains the same throughout the term of the policy.
  • A 'reviewable' product where the premiums you pay are usually cheaper initially. However, they're reviewed regularly and could increase substantially. 


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