Quick tips to make drilling easy

Are your picture frames decorating the floor rather than the wall? Read our handy tips below to become a drilling master in no time.

Home drilling is one of those DIY activities where you don’t know you’ve made a mistake until you finish and you find yourself with dust all over the floor, a wonky shelf and no power.

So, before you attack your wall with that new electric drill you’ve been itching to use, make sure to watch the latest video in our Helping Hands series and check out our extra useful tips below.

That’s the spirit

Ensure you don’t end up with your books all over the floor by using a spirit level to ensure your holes line up with each other.

You want to make sure it’s perfect as you will always notice it if it’s not.

Provided your phone is compatible, you can download a spirit level app which is good for those who don’t already own the real thing.

If you are fixing an object to the wall and you need to drill precisely where the holes are then, providing your object isn’t too large, you could photocopy the back.

You can then hold the paper photocopy up to your wall and use it as a template to ensure you drill in the correct places and avoid having thee perfect holes and one just too far away.

Get to grips

Grab five or so rubber bands and wrap them tightly round the grip of the drill but make sure to use enough bands to cover the size of your hand.

By doing this, you can stop the drill slipping in your hand as you go, meaning your holes should be smooth and straight.

Take a post-it note and stick it to the wall just under the area where you’re going to be drilling. Bend the bottom half upwards until it stays pointing up and out away from the wall.

Once you start drilling, the excess dust created will drop down into the post-it note, enabling you to easily dispose of the dirt without any mess.

Make sure the post-it note is straight though, as you don’t want the dust to slide out of one end. You could even use a spirit level to ensure it’s perfect.

Ceiling the deal

Lastly, if you are planning on drilling in to the ceiling, take an old plastic cup and cut the rim down until it is shorter than your drill bit by a couple of centimetres, then push the head of the drill through the bottom of the cup.

When you begin to drill the excess dust will fall into the cup, making it easy to dispose of when you finish. Just remember to keep the drill upright and to not take the cup off until you have emptied the contents in to a bin.

Removing the cup may result in a rather dusty floor…

So now you’ve got all the tips to ensure you don’t ‘screw’ it up you can consider yourself a drilling guru.

Do you have any tips we didn’t include that you would recommend?

We’d love to hear about them in our comments below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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