Preparing your house for a toddler

Whether you’ve run out of space to store toys, or are in need of some home safety hacks to keep your little one out of trouble, blogger mums Jenny Kearney and Rachel Southern answer your toddler-related queries.


“My toddler has so many toys and we have so little space – are there any nifty storage solutions for small houses that you can suggest?”

Children come in to our lives and fill our hearts with joy, but on the flip side, they fill our homes with everything else … toys, noise, blankets and more toys. So where to put everything in a small house is a good question.

As clever storage solutions go, opt for multi-purpose furniture like a coffee table with drawers or shelves underneath, which is perfect for hiding away smaller toys.

Beds with built-in storage are also ideal for tidying away games and figures, and for keeping bedroom floors clutter free too.

There is often lots of hidden space in our homes that we tend to forget about. If space is at a premium, be sure to make the most of it.

Bookshelves placed between the tops of doors and ceilings are ideal for toys and books that aren’t used on a regular basis.

Spice racks on the inside of cupboard and wardrobe doors are great for holding books and trinkets.

Command hooks stuck to the side of cupboards are great for hanging toy-filled tote bags from, and are also a pretty way to keep rooms tidy, particularly if you buy bags to match your décor.

Big, plastic containers are functional and reasonably priced, but may not make your living room look particularly pretty. Wicker baskets are a little more expensive but won’t be an eyesore in the corner of the room. 

Vacuum pack storage bags are an inexpensive and brilliant investment as well. For clothes and toys that are only used on a seasonal basis, simply place them in the storage bag and using your vacuum cleaner, suck all of the air out of it.

You’ll be left with a reasonably flat bag that will slide easily under a bed or into the bottom of a wardrobe

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My toddler has become fascinated with plug sockets. Is there an easy, and ideally stylish, way of covering them?

When my children were at the crawling stage I quickly realised the potential dangers in the house. My lovely terrace home looked great, but was very hazardous for little ones.

Sure, I wanted to baby proof my house but I also wanted to keep it looking smart.

Child-proofing home measures include putting plastic corners over the sharp edges of tables, adding locks on the bin, screwing free-standing furniture to walls, and that’s not to mention the issue of plug sockets.

My solution for covering plug sockets is simple, however. On low-level sockets, move furniture around to cover them. Cover any remaining ones with a small safety socket cover, which I also covered with patterned tape.

Brightly coloured or patterned tape makes help to make an attractive feature of the sockets.

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