How to insure your mobile phone against accidental damage

Cracked the screen on your new smartphone? Tech-savvy blogger Rachel Hirst explains how mobile phone insurance can cover accidental damage to one of your most prized possessions.

“I dropped my phone and its screen has cracked. I don’t have phone insurance so will my home insurance cover the damage?”

Like so many others, I have smashed the screen on my smartphone, and, because I didn’t have phone insurance at the time, all that ran through my mind was “oh no, not another expense”.

But mobile-specific insurance isn’t the only way to get cover for accidental damage to your phone. Adding personal possessions cover to your home insurance policy will mean that items you usually take out of the house (like mobile phones and jewellery), will be covered outside of the home as well, up to a certain limit.

Personal possessions cover or gadget insurance is specifically for items taken outside your home, so if a phone, tablet or camera, say, get lost, damaged or stolen, you’re covered.

If, like me, you have a rather expensive mobile and a brand-new laptop, personal possessions insurance covering those specific items is imperative to consider.  Be sure to check your policy limits however, as many providers will ask you to specify an item if it would cost over a certain amount to replace.

If your phone is broken, do check whether the damage is covered in your current policy. If not, adding gadget-specific cover to your policy is great idea, just in case of any future mishaps.  Do bear in mind however, there is usually an excess to pay.

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