Holiday packing tips

Does packing for your holiday have you in a twist? Travel-savvy bloggers Erica Price, Chloe Ciliberto and Kate Sutton solve your suitcase issues.

“When going on holiday I often forget to pack essential items. How can I remember to pack everything I need?”

For most trips, I find that I need to take the same things every time. Yes, there are differences regarding things like clothing, but I’m always going to need to take my toothbrush and phone charger with me.

I used to have habit of always forgetting certain things, so now there are a few things I do each time I go away that prevent this.

Keeping a couple of little wash bags packed and ready for trips has been a great way to stop forgetting items, plus it saves me a lot of time scrambling for toiletries.

I also have a ready-prepared mini first aid kit containing a few plasters, some paracetamol and some sachets of children’s medicines (pop these in a small plastic bag to avoid leakage). I also have a bag for the bathroom packed with shower gel and other essentials.

A small bag of makeup completes the set for me, and whenever I go away I just pack these and I know I have the key things I need.

When I get back from a trip, I refill or replace items straight away so each bag is good to go next time. If you’re going away for a longer trip, you might need to tweak things a little, like adding in sun cream, after sun and insect repellent.

Another thing I do to aid the packing process is save a ‘holiday list’ on my computer or phone. On the list are sections for every family member, which detail what they’d each need for different types of weather or destinations.

When I come to pack for a holiday, I create a blank document, and then copy and paste in relevant items I need to pack for each person depending on where we’re going. It really helps!

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“I always seem to pack the wrong things when I go on holiday. Is there a good way to ensure I pack the right items?”

Going on holiday is so exciting. But, when it comes to deciding what to pack in the suitcase, it can be really overwhelming. It’s very easy to pack the wrong things, especially if you’re not a frequent traveller or the destination is new to you.

Luckily, there are several ways to ensure that you pack the right essentials every time.

Firstly make a list of everything you’d usually need, like toiletries, underwear, glasses, chargers and medication. Then think about the activities you intend to do whilst you’re away and what you’d need for those (like swimwear for a beach holiday, walking shoes for sightseeing, or ski wear for a skiing trip.)

Do be specific on your list too, don’t generalise!

Once you’ve covered all of that, check the weather where you’re going and choose your clothing accordingly. I have past experiences of packing for summer and ending up in a rainy destination.

Keep checking the weather, even up until the day before. Weather can change easily and you don't want to be left with unpractical clothing.

Lastly, be sure to check that your accommodation includes sheets and towels. If not, you’ll need to make space in your suitcase for those too.

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“I'm useless at packing. Do you have any tips for saving space in my suitcase?”

Though I’m lucky enough to travel for my job, I do feel the pain of always have to limit what I take everywhere. For maximising space in my suitcase, which is often just a small carry-on, I have a few tips.

With clothes and underwear, always roll them (instead of folding). You’ll be surprised by how much more you can pack in your suitcase by doing this, plus it means no ironing!

If you really want to pack light, take just the essentials and a sachet of washing powder – that way you can give your underwear a quick rinse at night, and then it’s clean and ready for the morning.

If you’re only going for a few days, travel-size products are perfect for a small case. To save even more space, put a few squirts of moisturiser or foundation in an old contact lens pot instead of taking the whole bottle or tube.

When it comes to smart packing, every inch counts. Put toiletries inside shoes, and wrap belts around the edge of your case or inside the collar of a shirt – they help the collar hold its shape too.

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