Hacks for relocating to a new home

Boxing up your belongings and relocating to a new home? Bloggers Becky Goddard-Hill and Vicky Welton respond to your packing queries with unmissable moving tips.

“I'm moving house soon and am in need of packing tips – can you suggest some?”

Firstly you need to have a clear plan in regard to your move. Do get any removal vans booked in well in advance. It is worth getting a few prices to compare cost too as these can vary widely.

Secondly, do not underestimate how long packing can take and do get started as soon as you know you are on the move. Get support from friends and family where you can, as it can be a long and boring job sometimes!

Before you start packing however, it’s really important to stock up on all the supplies you’ll need, which may include sturdy boxes, heavy duty tape, bubble wrap, labels, permanent markers, and robust bin liners for duvets, blankets and pillows. If you have all of this to hand before you start it’ll make your job much simpler.

As you pack up each room make sure you have at least two extra boxes to hand. One is for stuff you wish to throw away and the other is for items you wish to recycle and pass on. De-cluttering as you go is really useful – it means you will have less to transport to your new home and unpack, and it means you aren’t taking stuff you don’t need to your new place.

Pack up a cupboard at a time, a wardrobe at a time, and a room at a time. This will ensure your packing stays focussed and methodical. Items just thrown randomly into unlabelled boxes will make unpacking a nightmare.

Write on the side of each box instead of on the top, this way you can see exactly what each box is when they’re stacked on top of one another.

It’s easy for items to get damaged in transit, so do make sure you are insured. You may choose to carefully pack and transport really precious items yourself.

When you finally get to your new home, you’re going to want to get your hands on certain items quickly.

Tea bags, mugs and a kettle are the obvious items but toilet roll, toothbrushes, hand-wash, a few light bulbs and spare bin liners are also well worth packing into a box labelled “essentials”.

Packing pyjamas in there may also be a good idea.

You can read more by Becky Goddard-Hill at abeautifulspace.co.uk.

“I’m finding the process of moving house stressful. How can I be more organised to make it easier?”

Having moved more times than I care to mention, I am experienced enough to have some great moving house tips.

Firstly, have a clear out and get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore – that way you don’t have to take it with you!

Then make a checklist of everything you need to do and then create yourself a folder for this. Put any other relevant paperwork such as quotes or contact details in that folder too. It’s best that everything stays together.

Pack room-by-room, starting with the least used first. That way you will have somewhere to store the boxes once they are packed.

Make sure you pack rooms in separate boxes too, so that boxes are easier to label and unpack when you get to your new home. Label each box as you go, avoiding labels as they may fall off. I find marker pens work best.

As soon as you have a completion date, make sure you notify all the utility services and take final readings on the day of the move.

If you have children, ask someone to take care of them on moving day. Not only does it make packing harder if they are around, but it could also be dangerous for them with dismantled furniture and heavy boxes around.

You can read more by Vicky Welton at vevivos.com.

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