Are your belongings protected if 'it happens'?

We all have those 'it happens' moments, from DIY disasters to everyday accidents and mishaps in our homes. We asked three home decoration and lifestyle bloggers to share with us their #ItHappens stories. They filmed themselves talking about their experiences and how they reacted to their home mishaps.

A Mummy Too

This blog is the place to go for daily quick recipes, tips and video guides for anyone who believes a shortage of spare time means you can’t enjoy beautiful, delicious things.

Her #ItHappens story took place during the decoration of her daughter’s bedroom. The couple bought a lovely tall wardrobe to store everything their daughter would need. In order to secure the furniture to the wall, they drilled it but made the holes too big for the supplied screws. Despite trying to adjust the holes to the size of bigger screws they went to buy, they drilled even bigger holes in the wall!

Lesson? Don’t assume you know what you’re doing without reading up first!

#ItHappens Moments – Drilling Holes into Walls

You Baby Me Mummy

You Baby Me Mummy is an award-winning family lifestyle blog. Her #ItHappens story started when she went on holiday and left her house in the hands of her sister-in-law so that she could look after her dogs.

What she didn't anticipate is that her roof had cracked, and during a rainy day and it started leaking inside the house!

Thankfully, her sister-in-law was there to quickly put a bucket under the leak and called the landlord who came the next day to fix it.

#ItHappens Moments – Roof Leak

Thrifty Home

Becky runs Thrifty Home, an award-winning blog, and is a published author. Her blog is focused on home interiors and all aspects of creating a beautiful home on a budget.

Her #ItHappens story happened when water seeped from the flat roof through to her bathroom ceiling, causing the plasterboard to collapse.

Friends promised they could help fix it, but they misread the instructions for repairing the plasterboard and everything was assembled upside down!

Unfortunately everything had to be redone the next day, although she can laugh at it now - it happens!

#ItHappens Moments – Roof Collapse

Honest Mum

Vicki Psarias is founder and author of one of the most popular parenting and lifestyle blogs in the UK: Honest Mum. Vicki is a full time professional blogger, award-winning filmmaker, mum of two and sometime model and TV presenter. 

She lost a diamond necklace and searched everywhere in her house.

Despite looking for days, she could not find it but luckily for her, the insurance policy she had covered the price of the necklace and she was able to get a replacement.

#ItHappens Moments – Lost Jewellery

Do you have an #ItHappens moment to share? Tell us all about it below.

Are your belongings protected if it happens to you?

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#ItHappens to Home Improvers

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