Policies & cover

What's included in our different cover levels, plus our exclusions, excess amounts and vet fee limits explained.

Will you insure my breed of dog?

The breeds of dogs that we cover and the dogs that we don't insure.

What are the four different levels of cover?

Accident Only, Basic, Classic and Premier.

Where can I find my pet quote reference number?

How to find the reference number for your pet insurance quote.

How does the EU exit affect my pet insurance?

We'd like to reassure you that the EU exit result will have no immediate impact on the services or insurance products we offer.

What is vetfone and how can I use it?

How to access help and advice for your pet from vetfone.

Time limits and vet fee limits for treatment for pet insurance

The different limits based on the type of pet policy. 

What is defined as a vet fee?

Details of which vet bills we will cover.

Will you insure my breed of cat?

The breeds of cat we cover and don't cover.