Policies and cover

Frequently asked questions about home insurance cover options, exclusions and excess limits.

Where can I find out more about MORE TH>N customer offers & discounts?

As a MORE TH>N customer we have some great deals for you.

What's the difference between RSA and MORE TH>N?

Find out why both names appear on your policy documents.

What’s included in my home insurance policy?

Find out what your home insurance covers.

Does my home insurance cover me for transportable items such as mobile phones and laptops?

Find out how to cover items you take away from the home such as mobile phones, laptops and bicycles.

How do I work out the value of the contents of my home?

We'll help you to work out the value of your home contents to make sure you've got enough home contents cover.

Am I covered for storm damage and garden fences?

Find out when we will and won't cover garden fence damage.

Is it illegal not to have home insurance?

There is no legal requirement to have home insurance, but there are some situations where you may be asked if you have it.

How do I specify valuable items such as jewellery and electrical equipment on my home insurance?

Just let us know about specific high value items you'd like insured on your home insurance policy.

What does home contents insurance cover?

Find out what our standard contents insurance normally covers.

Am I covered for blocked or broken drains and pipes?

Find out more about our cover here.

How do I work out my home rebuild cost?

The rebuild cost is not the same as the price you paid when you purchased your property.

I work from home, am I covered for employee liability for people working in my home with me?

Is my employee covered for liability while in my home? Find out more about employee liability and public liability insurance.

I don’t have a garden. Why am I being charged for plants, shrubs and garden items?

Standard MORE TH>N home insurance does not include garden cover so you won't be charged extra.

Is my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair covered?

Your mobility scooter and your electric wheelchair are covered in your home under your Contents Cover. To cover them outside the home you'll need to add Personal Possessions Cover to your policy.

My property is going to be unoccupied for a long period of time. Am I still covered?

You must tell us if your property will be left empty for a long period of time as it may affect your cover.

What does your home emergency product cover me for?

Find out what's included in our home emergency upgrade, including up to £1,000 of cover.

Am I covered if I work from home?

Employers liability, personal liability and whether you're covered if you work from home or run a business from home.

Do I need to add my conservatory to my policy?

If you have added a conservatory to your property you must tell us as soon as possible.

Does my policy include personal injury?

Your home policy includes up to £1 million personal liability cover. Find out what else you're covered for.

Is my bike covered?

You and your family's bikes are covered in your shed, but you'll need to add bike cover if you want them covered when you're out and about.  

What is Accidental Damage Cover and do I need it?

Accidental damage protection and how to add it to your policy.