What is Flood Re?

Find out about Flood Re and what it means for you.

Flood Re is a scheme that has been set up by the Government and the insurance industry to provide increased availability and choice of insurers for customers at the highest risk of flooding – it goes live on 4 April 2016. All insurers who have signed up to the scheme including MORE TH>N will contribute to the Flood Re fund.

Flooding has become a major issue for some homeowners or tenants who live in a high risk flood area and as a direct result the cost of insuring their properties has increased dramatically. They have faced difficulties finding insurance with affordable premiums and excesses. Flood Re has been introduced to increase availability and choice of insurers for customers at the highest risk of flooding.

The general eligibility criteria* for Flood Re is that the property is a domestic home, built before 2009 and is occupied by the owner. If it is a rented property, cover is only available for tenants' possessions.

You can check the Environment Agency’s postcode search tool to see whether your home or another property you own or wish to purchase is at risk of flooding. Your estate agent may also be able to confirm if the property has ever been flooded.

As a MORE TH>N customer, you will still buy your home insurance policy from us, and contact us to make a claim if you’ve been affected by flooding. You will not need to deal with Flood Re.

If you have a MORE TH>N Home Insurance policy and would like to speak to us about how Flood Re will impact your renewal, please call us on the number below.

* You can find out more about how the scheme works on the Flood Re website or download the Flood Re leaflet.

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