How do I prove my No Claim Bonus?

To prove your NCB you can either send us a letter from your previous insurer or a copy of your renewal notice with your NCB entitlement stated on it.

There are two ways to prove your No Claim Bonus (NCB).

  • By providing a proof of bonus letter from your previous insurer
  • By providing a copy of the renewal notice from your previous insurer showing bonus entitlement, if the policy is being transferred at renewal date.

We do not accept NCB from:

  • Commercial vehicles (except vans)
  • A caravan or caravanette policy
  • Named drivers on another person's policy
  • Taxis
  • Company fleets or pool cars where the driver can drive any of these cars
  • Motorcycle insurance for a private car policy
  • Classic cars
  • A¬†policy that expired more than 24 months ago

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