What is measured with my Driving Style Score?

A Journey starts when you turn the ignition on and drive away and ends when you turn the ignition off. We can't know who is driving, so you should be sure that anyone on your policy who wants to drive your car is as safe, or safer, as you are.

Each Overall Journey Score is calculated from a blend of the scores recorded for each of our three Driving Style score measures – Smoothness, Speed and Usage, and each of these is taken into account when calculating your Overall Driving Style score. Some of these are more important than others to your overall score; it’s not a simple average.

 - Smoothness detects any sharp acceleration, braking or deceleration, changes in direction, & also up and down movement (tip – avoid potholes!). The smoother you drive, the better your score will be.

 - Speed is measured in two ways. Firstly, we measure against the legal speed limit for that stretch of road. If you are above the speed limit, your Speed score goes down depending on how much you exceed it. If you are below the speed limit your Speed score goes up. Secondly we also look at the average speed other people are driving on that same stretch of road to determine what is likely to be a safer speed on that stretch of road.

 - Usage measures three aspects of how and when you use your car. The time of day you drive, the number of journeys you make and how long they are, for each day.

Your Overall Driving Style Score reflects the score from each journey you make. This is weighted to take account of the length of each journey, so a journey of twenty miles counts ten times as much as a journey of two miles.


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