How does the black box measure my driving style?

A Journey starts when you turn the ignition on and drive away, and ends when you turn the ignition off. You should be sure that anyone on your policy who wants to drive your car is safe as a driver as the box will be recording their driving style too.

Each journey score is calculated from a blend of the scores recorded for each of our three measures: smoothness, speed and usage:


It is important to stay under the speed limit to get a great Speed Score, but for us it’s also about driving at a Safe Speed.

Often the Safe Speed is lower than the Speed Limit, for example on blind corners or country roads.

Awareness is the key to a great Speed Score; how close is the car in front?  If a pedestrian or vehicle suddenly went into the road could you stop in time?


We assess your acceleration, braking or deceleration, and cornering.

The key to smooth driving is awareness and anticipation on the road; remember how aware you were in your Hazard Perception Test?

The more you can think like that, the better your score will be and the safer you will be too.


Usage score is designed to make you think carefully about the journey you’re about to make. We look at the following aspects of your driving:

The time of day, the number of journeys & how long they are.

Some journeys are necessary, but do try extra hard on your Speed Score and Smoothness Score when you are driving at night, or making lots of journeys, to maintain a great Overall Driving Score.

The safer you drive; the higher your score, the bigger rewards you’ll earn, and to top it all you’ll also receive a discount on your renewal premium.

For more tips on how to improve your driving score and to see the rewards you’ve earned log in to your dashboard


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