Are there any curfews?

We have a usage score which can be affected by the time of day you are driving, and this applies to all of our MORE THAN SMART WHEELS drivers. Find out more here.

How do I get rewards for a good driving style score?

Find out how to earn and keep track of your rewards and renewal discounts.

Can I drive my car before the black box is fitted?

What important documents do I need to send?

Find out which documents you need to send us.

How can I access my dashboard?

After your black box has been fitted you’ll be able to log in to your dashboard or the SMART WHEELS app to check your score.

How does the black box measure my driving style?

Find out everything you need to know about how your driving style is measured.

What is a black box?

Everything you need to know about the black box we'll fit in your car

How do top up miles work?

All you need to know about how top up miles work.

What happens if I don’t park at the location I originally declared?

Will you make an allowance for my driving if I've only just passed my test?

We've calculated our policies to take into account the experience levels of our customers. Find out more here.

Why might my policy be cancelled?

From failure to have your black box installed to unacceptable driving behaviour, find out more about why your policy could be cancelled.

Our telematics insurance for young drivers.