When should I report a car claim?

It's important to report all incidents to us as soon as you can. 

Should I make a car insurance claim?

We can't advise on whether to make a claim but we can let you know how the claims process works, and what your excess is.

What do I need to make a claim?

Find out the information it'd be helpful if you can have to hand so you can make a claim.

How do I make a car insurance claim?

You can make a car insurance claim online or by giving us a call instead.

Will I get a courtesy car after an incident?

Find out more information on courtesy cars here.

Can I use my own repairer if I damage my car?

Find out more about our nationwide network of approved repairers. 

I'd like an update on an existing claim

You can get an update on an existing claim by giving us a call.

Do I need to pay an excess for my claim?

When you make a claim under the loss or damage section of your policy, we’ll apply the relevant excess to the claim. Find out more here.

Making or tracking a car insurance claim.