Changing your personal or policy details, including changing your car.

How do I change my payment method?

Please get in touch if you would like to change or set up a Direct Debit on your car insurance policy.

How can I change the drivers on my policy?

Find out how to add your partner to your policy.

How can I change my car's registration number?

Find out how you can change your car registration online.

How can I change the name on my policy?

Please get in touch if you need to change your first or family name.

How can I change my home address and email address?

Log in to your car insurance online account to change your home and email address.

How can I add an additional car with your 15% multi-car discount?

If you already have a car policy with us, you or anyone in your household can insure additional cars with us and receive a 15% discount.

What can I do if I change my mind about my car insurance?

How to cancel and your rights under the Cooling off policy.

What should I do if I'm selling my car?

What to do if you're selling your car and if you're buying another car.

Are there fees for making changes to my policy?

You can make changes to your policy online, or by phone. But an administration fee may apply if you make changes over the phone.